My badly cloaked quote obsession!

Some of you may have stumbled upon my very apparent quote fixation. I don’t know when it started, but I have always seemed to be a little more preoccupied with the short factual nuances of life than the average Joe (as the Aussies would say).

So, I will probably be posting the irrelevant scribbles I either come across or woefully create along the way on this blog.

To those who can’t stand the concept, please accept my sincere apologies in advance and don’t un-follow me! Just stay clear of that quote folder to the bottom right hand corner of this page. I promise I’ll abide by the rules and try not to go all crazy on you … at least no more than usual.

To those who like them as much as me, please do disclose your treasure chest. I can’t wait to cry, laugh, communally tug our hair out, snicker, and partake in all those other various human emotions we all share, because in the words of the great Socrates, “all I know is that I know nothing”, so bring it on!


2 thoughts on “My badly cloaked quote obsession!

  1. tulloch1985

    As you know well by now I am fellow lover of quotes.

    This may seem ironic, but I will start this off with a quote about quotes, this is from the movie ‘American History X’: “Whenever writing something always finish with a quote, somebody has already said it best so steal from them and go out strong…”

    If there are writers out there with contempt towards the use of quotes, I suspect a element of narcissism and eliteism is present with such thinking, from a delusion that they have conjured up all their knowledge themselves without any external influences.

    I think that quoting is a humble and respectful act of acknowledging those who have spoken on a subject important to you and that you couldn’t have said it better yourself.

    As an Athiest I do not believe in an immortal soul, but I do believe in immortality. I believe in it through our teachings, influences, living by example, etc, these parts of ourselves live on forever after we die. To support this, you quoted the great philosopher Socrates, he died a Millenia ago but his words live on today.

    Although I do not damn those wishing to create new phrases to be carried through the ages. I myself would love nothing more than complete strangers to speak my words, well after I have died.

    Hector “In a 1000 years the dust from our bones will be gone.”
    Achilles “Yes prince, but our names will remain…”



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