Could we be any more screwed?

A lot has happened in the World this week, as it does every week.

We’ve had a Soccer World Cup finish, Australian Swim Legend Ian Thorpe has come out as being gay, a few choice celebrities (no names being mentioned) have gone around doing what they do best, being social misfits and poor examples of role models for those who tinker on their seats edges wondering what their next moves are going to be, and something else I quite can’t recall. It’s on the tip of my tongue, so I’m guessing it’s semi important?

Oh that’s right, that little pesky thing the World is snappily entitling The Gaza Strip. Maybe not as catchy as Brangelina, but then again, it isn’t quite as important either, is it?

I mean how could an entire nation of people in devastating upheaval and pain, a clear brazen example of genocide occurring under our very noses in the twenty first century, a blatant demolishing of the very concept of human rights, truly compare to whether Germany actually deserved to take home the inanimate Gold Cup, the gender Ian Thorpe chooses to spend his private life and nights with, and whether Justin Bieber’s crotch shot was a misguided PR stunt? The answer is simple, it can’t.

It’s not bedazzling enough for all of us, sitting here comfortably in our arm chairs in our own little private havens with our fingers securely brushing our remote controls ready to tap the buttons lightly to change the channel every time a haunting image of what’s occurring in the Middle East has the audacity to interrupt our lives and assault our screens. I mean, how dare they? It’s happening a world away, why should I care?

I’m not here to make a statement on who’s right or wrong in this war occurring on the same planet we all share, but what I am incensed about is our extreme powers of “de-sensitsation”.

Who’s right or wrong is hardly significant really, what does matter though is the mammoth loss of life that the rest of us couldn’t care less about. I am met with a lot of anger and opposing comments every time I dare to broach this subject, you know the kind – scathing hate like “Why should we interfere?”, “They don’t want us to get involved”, “It’s their problem, not mine”, “If they’re too stupid to understand, that’s their fault”, and the undulating list rolls on.

Hailing from a nation that prides itself on never having invaded another’s home, I couldn’t agree more. The rest of us shouldn’t interfere, because the message that gives is that we don’t think you’re civilised enough to deal with this problem on your own, but how does that justify turning a blind eye to the pain and misery of our fellow brothers and sisters?

How does understanding, making our children aware of what seething animosity results in so that they learn that war and inflicting torture on one another is not the solution, not make this world and our conjoined futures better? How does not teaching one another that no matter what our creed, caste, and colour, that we share our basic human emotions of grief, agony and turmoil at losing a father, a mother, a brother, or sister and our children, not be an absolutely imperative lesson to study for all of us?

Is the media to blame? I think this is far too simplistic and just another brazen example of ‘passing the buck’, shifting responsibility onto someone else humans so easily partake in to feel better. As hungry devourers of news, why do the people so often forget that the real power lies firmly enclosed in our palms? The fact that you chose to click on the photograph brazenly displaying one of the Kardashian sister’s blaring bikini clad behind more than the one that excruciatingly portrays a mother’s incomparable desperate desolation at the loss of a child as she clutches her daughter or son’s lifeless, dismembered body to her bosom, begging for it all to stop while she cradles them both into oblivion, dictates what the media gives you.

It’s time we take a little bit of time out of our busy reality television watching schedules and participate in a little reality check of our own. Try and think about how it would feel to be in the middle of that tumultuous turbulence and what you’d experience if you truly believed you were all alone and that no one else cared enough to think, even in fleeting, about how your life was worthless.

This world is never going to improve if we don’t stop for a moment and think “what am I doing to make this better?” Make your voices heard people, the powerful in our society don’t own half as much as you believe they do and they know it. They’re just waiting for you to fight for your basic human right to tell them that.

23 thoughts on “Could we be any more screwed?

  1. Tone

    “It’s time we take a little bit of time out of our busy reality television watching schedules and participate in a little reality check of our own.” I couldn’t agree with you more on that statement!


  2. Frank

    It’s not desensitisation so much as it is denial.

    As soon as we open our eyes and really look at the world, we are confronted by so many horrifying truths. The Gaza Strip is one of the more visible of these. We deny these truths, close our eyes to them, because to acknowledge them would destroy our confidence in our own rightness and security. Bad things happen to other people, and are other people’s problems.

    Is there anything we can do about it? I think the 19th and 20th Centuries were full of optimism for the future. People believed the world could be made into a better place. Without that belief, is there any hope for the future? And without hope, is there any point in trying to fix things?

    There is a handful of super-rich people for whom the world is a chess set, with corporations and countries that can be sacrificed for an advantage in a game that the rest of us are barely aware of. We can talk about the politics and ethics of Iraq and Gaza and Afghanistan and a hundred other places and conflicts and criminal activities, but the players far above our heads are saying: “I want that oil. I want that water. I want that food. I want that uranium.” A cut-throat fight for critical resources that will determine who has the greatest chance of surviving the next hundred years.

    If anyone does.


    1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

      You’re so right!!! Really, we just need to set everyone straight that’s all. It’s going to take some time, but intelligence and high IQ’s are normally like that 😉


      1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        I thought it was in Canada? It is AMAZING, I swear it’s false advertising, but what I can’t prove, I do not worry about 😀 Ah, I’m sorry … there is no excuse. Next time I’ll invite you and get you 2 whole tubs instead of 1. I hope I’m forgiven now 😦


      2. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Really, I like the way you make rules, if only everyone was this forward thinking, but then we’d just be normal, and well, we can’t have that :p


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