I told my cousin that my life felt like Groundhog Day.

Apparently, he was quite offended and he proceeded to reprimand me, continuing to explain how the movie was a masterpiece and an epic film.

I’m now quite insulted. I mean, what’s he trying to say about my life? I always thought I was quite epic, thank you very much! -_-

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  1. John Guillen

    I normally don’t agree with you, but I agree with you this time. You’re the definition of epic. 🙂 even though I never even say that word. Same as awesome or something like that.


      1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        The only things that are impossible in this world made up of you and I is:
        1. Other people not being smitten by us,
        2. Other people concerned about something, anything other than us
        3. Plaques not being built in our honour.

        I’ll let you know if I come across any other horrendous impossibilities :p


      2. aspiringwriter22

        I’ve never seen a list as true as this one. Geez you’re better at list-creating than I am. Kudos to you, Miss Millions-Making Comedian. I have yet to think of any other horrendous impossibilities, which is a good thing. 😉


      3. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Thanks! I am an expert at list creating, it’s scratching things off my list that leaves me stumped, but I guess complete perfection is boring 😀 I can’t have everyone thinking we’re superheroes, well we are, but we have to keep our secret safe 😉


      4. aspiringwriter22

        You’ve proven yourself although you don’t need to because you’re you. I’m the same. We’re pretty close to achieving perfection if I do say so myself. Oh definitely. Can’t have people knowing that. 😉


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