What’s the big deal with First Place?

When people ask me to recall my most profound moments so far, my mind normally travels to the times I didn’t win something – be it an award, a debate, something I really wanted in life. My friends or those I fortuitously come in contact with will look at me with barely cloaked intrigue and wonder aloud why I feel the way I do when most of us seem to recount our first prizes in life.

I seem to always focus on the second places, or what others may view as losses. Why? Because I truly do believe that those supposed “losses” are what helped in shaping me as a person, an individual and most importantly, a survivor, what made me work harder, go that extra mile, be more positive and work towards getting that goal eventually.

These are the most imperative points in my journey, the ones I remember even now because besides getting me that elusive first place, they helped build character and gifted (and continue to do so till this day) me with the power to face the various curve balls and challenges life has to hurl my way.

Here’s raising a glass to your second place! 🙂


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