If it’s been done before, I can do it as well, and if not – I can be the first.

What I think (eventually)Β every single time someone tells me I can’t do something or that it’s unlikely. Though I can’t take credit for this (can’t remember where I heard it), I like facing life with this motto ringing in my head whenever someone tries to bring me down. Have a great Monday everyone πŸ™‚



15 thoughts on “

  1. masee

    U do not have to prove yourself to anyone, its munday afternoon there in Australia I bet you are having an awesome day πŸ™‚ Louve you.


    1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

      Ma-seeeeeee!!! Even I LURVVVVVVV you too!!! Yes, now it’s Monday night and I’ll be working for another 3-4 hours then it’s Tuesday. What about you my pyaari masi? How are you? MWAH!!! :*



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