99% Perspiration, 1% Luck …

I always remember this comment I received from a general good Samaritan I came into contact with when I was sending out what can only be termed as an inhumane number of “cold letters” while attempting to secure my first “real job” fresh out of university.

This important Director of sorts from a large conglomerate in Australia had taken some precious time out of his busy work day schedule to send back a “buck up” response to a waning youngster at the end of a hard days work on a Thursday night.

The message was clear, achievement is inevitable for anyone who relentlessly pursues what they want no matter what the road blocks, it’s just going to take a lot of sweaty hard work, an unwillingness to die in the process, skin as thick as leather, as prickly as a porcupine and a will as strong as steel, and well immersed in Kryptonite as well. All in all, Superman is going to be child’s play on some not so good days, which may appear to come around more often than not.

You hear it over and over again – Never Give Up. It’s just good to be reminded of it every now and then. Happy Motivational Monday everyone 🙂


30 thoughts on “99% Perspiration, 1% Luck …

      1. keeppicturing

        Yupp !!! Party and Diwali all the way .. Arre could you give me your posting address if you don’t mind (keypee7.0@gmail.com) I am sending postcards. Full on preparation for Diwali and almighty sweets…. 🙂


      2. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Yay!!! Very impressive preparations, mithai and patakas and shor and nachna, waah kya party hai!!

        Thanks for yours, I will send you my personal one now 🙂

        Almighty sweets for meetha new year!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. keeppicturing

        What kind other kind of invitation you want ??? Happy Dhanteras too you and your family. Ummmm!!! Soon will be leaving for work 😦 Last working day before Diwali 🙂 In the evening pooja of Dhan and I do special pooja of my coin collection. Then feast and Sweets 🙂
        What about you ???


      4. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Arre this sounds like fun! What is this special puja of your coin collection? I am intrigued, aur batao??? Thank you, I hope you enjoyed your feast and sweets! Kya, kya khaiya? I am waiting for your postcard now, they look so FANTASTIC! I can’t wait 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. keeppicturing

        It’s special for me. I’ve collected 100s of old coins in my school day, so I do the puja for them. Before I used to showcase them to others but now it’s all changed with time. Now they just come out on Dhanteras and it feels good to see them all lined up together. Yupp it was awesome. But I don’t take heavy dinner but now the breakfast will be loaded. Ohh!!! Shukriya for compliments. Tell me when you get it. I don’t know when you will get. 🙂


      6. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        I will definitely let you know when I get it! Arre waah, I must see this cryptic coin collection, chal when I come to Gujarat you can give me a tour 😉 No heavy dinner? Hmm, how do you manage controlling yourself, impressed yaar. Great idea, breakfast loaded and the rest of the day to digest, par in kambakth tastebuds ka kya karoo??? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      7. keeppicturing

        Arre pakka I’ll show you my collection. It’s interesting re. Ahha so when are you coming ???Yeah dinner thoda kum. But breakfast and lunch totally opposite 😉 Naah I never control re but it’s a good practice.


      8. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Okay cool, I am waiting to see this wonderful collection then. Oh I was going to come this year, but too much work 😦 😦 😦 Agle saal pakka … hopefully, fingers crossed!!! Wow, you never control, kya baat hain!!! AIse hona chaiye!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      9. keeppicturing

        By the way you are software developer or journalist I’m confused!!! Arre Christmas ki chutti bhi toh aaegi re. Hahahah… Arre darwaaze nikal dene ke I could imagine how will you look in the door frame ….. 😛


      10. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Arre, I am as confused as you are 😉 I am actually a Business Analyst/Test Lead/Technical Writer, Print journalist, and in Marketing/PR & Communications at the moment 😀 Yes, well at least kissi ko toh khushi milrahi hain thinking of me phassawa in the darwaaza 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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