Am I the only one rooting for cartoon villains?

I don’t know what it is about those cute technicoloured “badies”, but as a cartoon buff, I can’t help rooting for Tom, the Coyote and Sylvester – just a little bit.

Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday, but I always harbour a little hope for those dangerously, mean, downright cruel characters that have entertained us throughout our childhood (and continue to do so for some of us 😛 ). Really, what would the Roadrunner, Jerry and Tweety be without them? In one word – B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

So here’s raising a big glass of milkshake to them all. I love you guys, just as long as you don’t roll me into super thin papier-mâché that skids across the desert melodiously, super glue my butt to that horrible bulldog’s kennel Jerry loves so much or get Granny to slap me repeatedly while kicking me to the kerb to sleep out on tonight.

Have a great weekend guys, because in the words of the Great Porky Pig “Th-th-th – that’s all folks!” 😉

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