I’m pretty sure all of you are very well aware of my obsessive crush on Friday’s by now.

As a celebratory, romantic gift to the day, I thought I would share my love for the TGIF acronym and all its various meanings to me with everyone – just for the hell of it. I know, I’m bored and procrastinating so naturally I thought you, my lovely readers should partake in my pain. I thank you in advance for sharing 🙂

Thank Goodness It’s Freedom

Thank Goodness It’s Freaking here already

Thank Goodness It’s Finally wind down time

Thank Goodness It’s Frenzied, maddened, vegetating time

Thank Goodness It’s Fun filled partying time

Thank Goodness It’s Free MPSharmaauthor Blogging time for 48 hours.

Hey!!! That last one was a trick, I can’t believe you laughed at that one.

Have a WONDEFUL weekend wherever you are my adorable lovelies 😉

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