News as you see it?

As some of you may know, I am slightly crazy about the concept of Citizen Journalism.

As an at times, real life journo, the idea of masses reporting on world events gets me all excited. Why, you may ask? Well, even if you didn’t, I’m going to tell you anyway so thank you in advance for gratifying my gluttonous indulgence in hearing the sound of my own voice, or at least reading my own mismatched words.

Journalism was once a noble profession, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but just hear me out … please. We were the watchdogs of society; the crusaders for truth, the freedom fighters if you will, for supporting those bludgeoned by the cruel ways of those “top management” individuals – and then came business.

You know what I am referring to. The media moguls of the world, those who started abusing the pen is stronger than the sword metaphor, the power crazy, hungry individuals who supposedly, tirelessly fought for the “no one person should have all the power” ideal throughout their university paths in their hippie enthused, inspired protests when they lost it like so many of us do.

Dollar signs replaced all the dignified determination to make a change for the better when suddenly reporting on events became who is going to give ME more? Who’s going to scratch my back if I scratch theirs along with all the other clichéd excuses we give ourselves for doing what we do when our gut tells us it’s so very wrong.

Journalism just became another means to an end and before we knew it we were up there with the other apparent “scum of the earth” right next to used car salesmen (no offence meant by the way, unless you’ve been ripped to shreds by an unscrupulous one, then by all means go ahead and offend!).

Not a very encouraging pick me up for journalists fresh out of university who still, perhaps naively, just a teeny weeny bit, believed that maybe, journalism could get a much needed revamp and actually start representing the people again, returning to its embryonic conception once more.

Citizen Journalism is once such effort in my opinion, where people are beginning to take a stance, reporting on events as they see it rather than as perpetuators for the guilty do. People may snicker at its brazen “cheapness” as they call it, the easy pimping out of words by those who give it up far too easily but really, in this social media obsessed world, does anyone really care about what those who misguidedly believe they have the authority to report, think?

Um, no.

So what if the “cheap whore” as some term citizen journalists gets his/her words across without all the nice trappings the “professional prostitutes” do?

Let’s not kid ourselves, if the “cheap whores” Likes and Shares are anything to go off, professional writers may want to readjust their strategies. I think 200 times more Likes for a popular citizen journalism site such as FakingNews in comparison to a reputed Business Standard journalism report may be warning signs for a change guys – just saying.

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