What’s your miracle?

I find that we humans tend to complain. A lot.

For the most part of it though, when I really, truly think about it, it dawns on me that we live in a beautiful world. No jokes.

I have to admit that I can sometimes be blamed for searching for my miracles far and wide when often they are right there, staring me in the face, waiting patiently to be glimpsed at.

I was reminded of this wonderful fact on Monday when my sister and I were semi-severely tested. We were besides ourselves wondering what was going to happen, how the World as we knew it was going to change forever, without no forewarning (you know, the usual stuff).

One moment with our parents though evaded the impending disaster in ooh, about five minutes. I honestly do have the best parents ever (as I think every child does for themselves) and I often realise – one look into my mama or baba’s eyes and there it is, glaring right back at me. MyΒ  Miracle.

Here’s hoping that each and every one of you have your miracles close by today!

36 thoughts on “What’s your miracle?

      1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        When it comes to you, everything I say is the COMPLETE honest truth, which really means the same thing, but repeated See, that is how AMAZING you are!!!


      2. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Not true, no one can surpass you my dear. Ever. Not even Spectacular Spiderman. If that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever (or even less than usual) please visit my latest post:)


      3. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        ❀ ❀ ❀ You ARE my hope for the future! My world was inside out till you came along, now everything worth it makes sense and I just tend to ignore the rest, like I always did really, but now a lot more happily. THANK YOU!!!


      4. aspiringwriter22

        I don’t know how I survived without you. I’m sure we were connected by fate since the beginning of time. πŸ˜‰ Same I like ignoring everything else. And even everyone else. It simplifies life. No no I should be the one thanking you.


      5. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Oh what a wonderful idea, connected since the beginning of time, maybe even before that!!! My life will never ever be the same again πŸ™‚ It does simplify life, doesn’t it? Ignoring some people should be a documented prerequisite to sanity. Seriously -_- πŸ˜€


      6. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Ahahahaahaha!!! Oh and I would so love to be involved in their eliminations, my imagination would go wild!!!! Let’s come up with some very cool mechanisms πŸ˜›


      7. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        Everything we do should be documented really, but then we’d run out of trees and computer power so as usual we are charitable and allow our wonders to go unnoticed. Oh the price, the price of being us. Only we could do it πŸ˜›


      8. aspiringwriter22

        You’re so right. Many of our good deeds will never be known to humankind. But at least in our hearts we know how selfless we are. The price we have to pay is manageable only because we’re us.


      9. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        And only because I have your wonderful self to share this burden with. In our hearts we also know how awesome we really, truly are. Huh, I guess we’ll just have to wait for the world to catch up.


      10. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        How ever long it takes, it is too long! I mean c’mon world, it’s us we’re talking about – how can you not be on board?!!! I live to take half of the burden from you πŸ™‚


      11. aspiringwriter22

        Right? It’s been an eternity and the world still hasn’t caught up to our awesomeness. Like really what’s wrong with everyone? I’m grateful to have you do something that is so difficult.


      12. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        I am grateful for being on the same timeline as you, really and truly! Well, what’s wrong with everyone is that they aren’t us. It’s unfortunate really but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Speaking of cookies, I think I need one right about now πŸ˜›


      13. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        No one that’s who, we’re the best-est and why would anyone settle for anything less. They wouldn’t. I count my blessings every day I found you, my sweet, adorable brain mate πŸ™‚


      14. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        I think mediocrity would be allergic to you frankly, because you know, you’re you. No, no, we established that YOU are the BESTEST living thing out there πŸ™‚


      15. mpsharmaauthor Post author

        It’s only because everyone in comparison to you is mediocre. It’s the curse of being wonderful, so unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. Sorry 😦


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