An Eye for an Eye makes the Whole World Blind …

Too bad we still haven’t heeded Mahatma Gandhi’s warning from all those years ago.

The great Father of the Nation (as many of us Indians refer to him as) was most likely not the first to share this sentiment and will no doubt definitely not be the last.

Though I don’t condone what Myuran Sukumaran & Andrew Chan did to get them into jail, I certainly don’t support their enforced demise either. The last time I checked, killing absolutely never, ever solved any problems.

As someone who could see the few pros of the death penalty earlier (I am ashamed to admit) for hard core criminals, the Australian case of Van Tuong Nguyen set me straight causing me to do a complete 180. Why? Because the people who suffer are not the perpetrators but their innocent families and friends who are condemned to a lifetime of desolation and misery that they are definitely not deserving of.

Rest In Peace Myuran Sukumaran & Andrew Chan. All I can hope for is that as a species, we soon learn that ending one another’s lives should definitely not be in our hands, just because we can. #IStandForMercy.


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