Selfie Definition:

People really need to stop hating on Selfie enthusiasts.

C’mon now.

They have to take photos of themselves because they’re so self obsessed, they never make any real friends to take some for them.

Seriously guys, what is up with these Selfie sticks everyone is carrying around everywhere? Besides being fundamentally and embarrassingly narcissistic, they are liable to take an eye out. Then you’ll really be worthy of a Selfie snap -_-


8 thoughts on “Selfie Definition:

    1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

      There are always two sides of a coin and many more perspectives. When you have equal to or more than 25% of your photo gallery filled with selfies, I believe you officially have a problem, but once again, that’s just my perspective and opinion. In my experience, our generation should be titled the “me” generation where we seem to be much more preoccupied with the concept of self instead of being part of a community. I look at my grandparents and the sacrifices they made for their family and often, the greater community, and in retrospective comparison, we as the future generation are direly depressing.

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  1. Christopher Farley

    I’m with you on this one Mituri. It’s not just the self-obsession, it’s also the concept that everything is now photographed and then forgotten. Whatever happened to standing there watching the sunset for 10 minutes? Now it’s “Oh yeah, great.” A click, a pout and the sunset’s forgotten.

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    1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

      Very true! What happened to all the creativity that was inspired by just observing all that was around you and enjoying it and reminiscing on how it felt when you were there, actually enjoying the moment?


  2. Heron Moon Press

    How funny! It is kinda weird although I have seen them used for taking promo photos. One trainer was able to take a pict of him and one of his horses without waiting for someone to do it for him. But, I’m fine with waiting . . .

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