Dear Germany … You Rock!

Thank you, Germany.

For reminding the world that your present, (or your future), does not rest on the atrocities of your past.

I wish so many things after witnessing the genuine outpouring of human sympathy in your country, like how the rest of those in the World with more would follow your outstanding example with the refugee crisis.

I wish we would understand that if there were truly meant to be borders, we shouldn’t have one, created implements like ships and planes that would allow us to explore this truly beautiful planet we (for the most part, badly) rent or two, comprehend that Mother Nature would have built up boundaries before we ever got here.

I also wish someone had told me that Love Thy Neighbour meant “I’m going to helpĀ bomb your place to smithereens, eradicate your culture and then say you can’t come to my place”.

I am truly shameful for our actions and turning a blind eye to your good while never forgetting your harrowing past.

I, for one, am voting to change the word humanity because as far as I can see, humans have to be one of the most inhumane species on the planet.

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