Why I Hate being an Immigrant (sometimes) …

In your Country of Adoption:

Adopted Country’s Passer-by: “Where are you from?”

Immigrant’s Answer: *sigh – “Country of Origin”.

In your Country of Origin:

Country of Origin’s Passer-by: “Where are you from?”

Immigrant’s Answer: *WTF?! – “Country of Adoption”.

I can only imagine the plight of poor surrogate babies “from” wherever down the line:

Everyone : “Where are you from?”

Surrogate person: “Well, I didn’t come from my mummy’s tummy … and I don’t really look like her … but then, I’m not really sure whose tummy I came from … or if I even look like her. Hang on, where was I again?”

And I think I’m confused.


4 thoughts on “Why I Hate being an Immigrant (sometimes) …

  1. seema

    From Planet Earth–the rest is minor details —unless one is an aboriginal —NO?
    Only they have the right to ask that question.


  2. Christopher Farley

    I live in Italian-speaking Switzerland and Italian is my second language but as soon as I open my mouth they know I’m not from round these parts.

    As an aside, a few years ago in Ibiza some bloke insisted on speaking to me in Dutch because he was convinced that I was. He said I didn’t look English…WTF indeed!


    1. mpsharmaauthor Post author

      Haha! Maybe you have an international demeanour about you. At least you have to open your mouth, some people in India take one look at me and ask where I’m from. If I had a penny every time a street hawker attempts to sell me a map of where he thinks I’m from (mostly UK, US and occasionally Australia), well you know. Why I’d want a map of where I live is beyond me but that’s another post 😀



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