Do you ever get bored?

Sometimes, scratch that … I get bored all the time (at least that’s what it feels like) and a lot of the time, I even get bored of my face. Don’t laugh, it’s a serious condition.

This is why I am totally gobsmacked about how I’ve managed to not spruce up my blog and other social media accounts for over ONE entire year. I’m insufferably embarrassed at the lack of my boredom with the way I look so I apologise profusely for putting you through it for the better part of two years (or the worst part, whichever you prefer really).

I chalk it up to my utter laziness, another strong point of my character just in case you’re wondering.

Let me know what you think …

2 thoughts on “Do you ever get bored?

  1. Simon

    I’m always bored and trying to make things better. For me monotony is just hell…
    I like your blog and profile, particularly the technical writing aspect, that why I followed you. Althugh I’m delving into fiction it’s good to see another more technical person here as I’ve just gone out to create my own technical magazine 🙂



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