Paralympic Cyclist

Why we should be ashamed of ourselves

The Paralympics is fascinating to watch. Truly, it is.

I’m not going to give some shitty reason [like it’s amazing what “disabled” (I hate that word by the way, who gets to choose what “disabled” or “abled” is?) people can do, or isn’t it amazing what that person with less intelligence has been able to do? For the record – shut up] for this.

Why I loved the Paralympics was because for the first time this whole Olympic season, I actually got to witness true sportsman (and woman) ship.


People actually participating with the sports mentality, I saw laughter at losses rather than whingeing, I saw true happiness at being able to partake rather than grumbling at the lack of facilities and how much better the West could have done it, and I saw true competition against a backdrop of humility for those that deserved the better result.

In India, our Paralympians won gold medals while our Olympians continued to complain and whine about how they are mistreated by the government and aren’t provided with the proper facilities.

Shame on all of us “abled” people, I really believe we should hang our heads in embarrassment, to the supposed abled bodied Olympians for not being utterly mortified for their continued inability to see the bigger picture and to the rest of us who couldn’t be bothered watching the Paralympics with an equal amount of vigour to the Olympics and thinking it wasn’t important to complain about the lack of coverage.

To all you abled Paralympians, I am truly sorry on the behalf of our entire disabled majority.

4 thoughts on “Why we should be ashamed of ourselves

  1. seema

    What fascinated me was the blind sprinters who were connected to the arm of seeing runner with some kind of rope, and they both kept pace with each other .
    That to me was a defining moment ,.
    To be able to experience that middle space between two humans must have been an incredible feeling for both.



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