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When the Fruits of your Labour …

… Finally show up, it’s a great feeling isn’t it?

Our team at work have been working tirelessly for the past month or so trying to get our 30 second stint on Australia’s national Channel Ten channel’s Studio 10 (Morning News show) for the launch of our latest Organic Food Products just perfect.

The result?

Short but oh so very sweet.

We’ve hit replay about a gazillion times (and there are no signs of our trigger finger slowing) and we’re proud and satisfied.

Don’t you just love that feeling when all your blood, sweat and tears behind your hard work finally has something to show for it?

We certainly do.

Here’s the clip if you’re interested.

See you guys soon 🙂

When did Knowledge Become Uncool?

Or did I just miss the memo or something?

I mean, I get it, I’m well versed with nerd-dom, I think I could probably successfully argue (in an international debate no doubt) that I even conjured up the whole kingdom but really, when did being aware of basic general information become an illness?

For those of you who have been blessed by being spared the entire campaigning activities and have managed to save yourself (quick run and do NOT look back no matter how much I scream for a saviour) from being aware of our approaching July 2nd Federal Election, this story will probably mean little to you though I do sincerely believe you will understand my gobsmacked utter confusion.

Australians were asked to name our current, yes, you heard me right, as in living in 2016, current Prime Minister and some had absolutely no idea.

Granted, we do change our PMs more than a Hippie would change his underwear but seriously? How are you even alive?

I’d ask if you lived under a rock but I’m sure your humble abode even knows the current PM! And unless you’re not on talking terms, I will never believe your excuse.

It’s Malcolm Turnball people, good ol'(well maybe not because he is really unrecognisable from the time before power went to his narcissistic head) but It’s Malcolm Turnball.

If this type of knowledge is uncool, someone just kill me now before I forget where I need to stick a carrot. In my mouth. Most of the time unless you give me a smart-aleck comment, then use your imagination.

Yes! I'm good at something!

Apparently I’m good at something â€¦

And no, it’s not making balloon figurines.

It could also just be that I got lucky and I know how to bullshit eloquently. But then I can claim to being wonderful at bullshitting so it’s a win-win really. Don’t you just love those?

Anyway I digress, but then as I look over some of my posts I realise that I’d have no material if I didn’t so thank you short (let’s get real – invisible, non-existent) attention span. I owe you one but I probably won’t remember so it suxs to be you.

Now more to the, albeit useless and inconsequential point, I have been published in an online publication on making it as a savvy female entrepreneur in the online space. I don’t really understand why some of these very cool points (possibly excluding my piece) can’t be used by men but considering my amazing natural ability to put my foot in it, I controlled myself and didn’t ask the question. What? Getting published was hard enough in the first place. I’ll let my Zorro out when I’ve got a little more clout.

Anyway, hope all is well with your writing endeavours. Keep writing, stick with it and try not to pull your hair out in the process. I know it’s difficult but try anyway …

Know how to Bullshit …

These were one of the first words our Journalism lecturer uttered to us bright eyed, raring to go Journalism enthusiasts when we joined University.

“A good journalist can bullshit about anything”, he blasted over the microphone in the cavernous lecture hall as we sat there gawking at how someone in a “teacher’s” position could so easily swear in a mock classroom. I know, I know, boy did we have some catching up to do on reality!

Anyway, this story (although pretty pointless as well) has nothing to do with my wild and unrestrained journalism days (let me live the fantasy okay?).

I decided to put this theory to test with my gym instructor after hours of targeted researching on the net over the weekend (basically just bumming around really) on how exercising is really and truly detrimental to my health. Turns out my gym instructor, in addition to being allergic to sanity, happiness, content taste buds and a well rested skeletal structure (just to mention a few) is also highly allergic to apparent, well researched “bullshit”.

Either that, or I’m not as good a journalist as I think -_-

The World lost a great soul last night

One of our most revered Indians, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam breathed his last breath last night doing what I suspect was his most cherished love, igniting young minds.

Not many know of this great Indian, one of the few idols I personally harbour, Dr Kalam constantly inspired me with his words and most importantly, his thoughts and actions.

India’s favourite nuclear scientist and former president, I would go as far as to suggest that he was India’s version of Einstein. A beacon of hope for all, who continuously displayed how someone who had so much knowledge about a potentially devastating field, used it so humanely.

Dr Kalam is an example for so many of us, a symbol of religious tolerance, the epitome of how socialism and politics truly can work hand in hand and most notably, an inspiration for so many poor who dream big. A son of a boat owner, extremely impoverished in childhood waking before dawn to make some money for his close knit family, his sister pawned jewellery so she could help put her brother through school, and India is immensely grateful for her sisterly love.

Thank you Dr Kalam for awaking and igniting all of our minds, you will always be cherished in the soul of every Indian who dared to dream and care.

News as you see it?

As some of you may know, I am slightly crazy about the concept of Citizen Journalism.

As an at times, real life journo, the idea of masses reporting on world events gets me all excited. Why, you may ask? Well, even if you didn’t, I’m going to tell you anyway so thank you in advance for gratifying my gluttonous indulgence in hearing the sound of my own voice, or at least reading my own mismatched words.

Journalism was once a noble profession, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but just hear me out … please. We were the watchdogs of society; the crusaders for truth, the freedom fighters if you will, for supporting those bludgeoned by the cruel ways of those “top management” individuals – and then came business.

You know what I am referring to. The media moguls of the world, those who started abusing the pen is stronger than the sword metaphor, the power crazy, hungry individuals who supposedly, tirelessly fought for the “no one person should have all the power” ideal throughout their university paths in their hippie enthused, inspired protests when they lost it like so many of us do.

Dollar signs replaced all the dignified determination to make a change for the better when suddenly reporting on events became who is going to give ME more? Who’s going to scratch my back if I scratch theirs along with all the other clichéd excuses we give ourselves for doing what we do when our gut tells us it’s so very wrong.

Journalism just became another means to an end and before we knew it we were up there with the other apparent “scum of the earth” right next to used car salesmen (no offence meant by the way, unless you’ve been ripped to shreds by an unscrupulous one, then by all means go ahead and offend!).

Not a very encouraging pick me up for journalists fresh out of university who still, perhaps naively, just a teeny weeny bit, believed that maybe, journalism could get a much needed revamp and actually start representing the people again, returning to its embryonic conception once more.

Citizen Journalism is once such effort in my opinion, where people are beginning to take a stance, reporting on events as they see it rather than as perpetuators for the guilty do. People may snicker at its brazen “cheapness” as they call it, the easy pimping out of words by those who give it up far too easily but really, in this social media obsessed world, does anyone really care about what those who misguidedly believe they have the authority to report, think?

Um, no.

So what if the “cheap whore” as some term citizen journalists gets his/her words across without all the nice trappings the “professional prostitutes” do?

Let’s not kid ourselves, if the “cheap whores” Likes and Shares are anything to go off, professional writers may want to readjust their strategies. I think 200 times more Likes for a popular citizen journalism site such as FakingNews in comparison to a reputed Business Standard journalism report may be warning signs for a change guys – just saying.

We ARE better than this, Australia …

I had a GREAT awakening this morning, I always feel buoyed by examples of people power. Gives me that warm, fuzzy rumbling feeling in my insides that accompanies true hope for the future.

Australians are proud of their renowned charitable nature which is why I am constantly left scratching my head in my perplexed inability to comprehend where that “true blue” Aussie spirit has gone when it comes to refugees and most importantly, children in detention centres.

Children don’t care about boundaries, or race, or religion, or political gain. Children believe in true freedom, imagination, wishes becoming reality – everything all of us adults should sincerely trust in if we ever want to experience that elusive emancipation we are constantly sprinting after.

Which is why I cast my vote in at

As an Aussie, you can do it too, as a citizen of the World you can do it to, as a human being – you can do it too.