Write non-Write Balance

I just watched a video that discredited the whole elusive work-life balance thing we all crave.

It was for work and I got through four minutes of it thinking there’s four minutes of my life I’m never getting back because it really helped me in NO possible way for my actual job. Even after trying to deploy all my imaginative, creative abilities I pride myself on having honed until now.

But whatever – Another story.

What it did mention though is how the whole work-life balance concept is a piece of you know what because when you love something you do, the lines between work and play blur.

Sounds blissfully ignorant if you ask me.

The guy then mentioned how creatives (supposedly people like you and me) don’t believe in the concept of work life balance because we can’t shut off our creative brain no matter how much we try.

I don’t know about you but I can definitely shut my creative part of the brain. In fact, I would suggest that my “creative” part often leaves me lurching in the pitch bleakness of nothingness because it’s decides to go on an impromptu dark orgy with some buddies of it.

Again, another story.

After just having spat out three articles of varying degrees of dullness, today is definitely one of those days I wish I had more write and non-write balance. So to the irritating perky dude who declares work life balance is a façade for us mere folk who would love to be a beached walrus right now, I’d like to politely tell you to shut up.

I’d get more creative with my dismissive attitude but I can’t. My creative side just left me a note that says Do Not Disturb.

facepalm image of boy

This is what the US Campaign is doing to me …

I mean honestly.

What is wrong with us?

How is it that we can seriously, I mean, seriously consider Trump to be a viable option?

How do these people even make it as far as they do and why hasn’t anyone put a muzzle on the guy yet.

I blame us. I really do. Obviously we’re doing something to encourage these idiots to perhaps lead us one day when the guy clearly can’t see he’s wearing his toupee back to front.

We are in some serious need of h-e-l-p. I’m not surprised The Aliens haven’t taken us over yet, I mean considering that this guy has potentially made it to the top of the world’s superpower I’m sure they’re up there going, “I’m not touching that”.

Agree. Don’t. It might be contagious.

Paralympic Cyclist

Why we should be ashamed of ourselves

The Paralympics is fascinating to watch. Truly, it is.

I’m not going to give some shitty reason [like it’s amazing what “disabled” (I hate that word by the way, who gets to choose what “disabled” or “abled” is?) people can do, or isn’t it amazing what that person with less intelligence has been able to do? For the record – shut up] for this.

Why I loved the Paralympics was because for the first time this whole Olympic season, I actually got to witness true sportsman (and woman) ship.


People actually participating with the sports mentality, I saw laughter at losses rather than whingeing, I saw true happiness at being able to partake rather than grumbling at the lack of facilities and how much better the West could have done it, and I saw true competition against a backdrop of humility for those that deserved the better result.

In India, our Paralympians won gold medals while our Olympians continued to complain and whine about how they are mistreated by the government and aren’t provided with the proper facilities.

Shame on all of us “abled” people, I really believe we should hang our heads in embarrassment, to the supposed abled bodied Olympians for not being utterly mortified for their continued inability to see the bigger picture and to the rest of us who couldn’t be bothered watching the Paralympics with an equal amount of vigour to the Olympics and thinking it wasn’t important to complain about the lack of coverage.

To all you abled Paralympians, I am truly sorry on the behalf of our entire disabled majority.

Superman Body Builder

If Beyoncé has her alter ego …

So do I. This is my Monday buddie, because I need all the energy I can get to face the week.

This is my exact facial expression all through the day as I type away on my keyboard. No wonder no one bothers me the whole day.

Have a Super week everyone … pun intended 😛

sick alien emoticon

This Pic is a True Account of me – Not Photoshop-ped

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve dodged a bullet only to find you’ve been slashed in the rib-cage instead?

Or maybe this just happens to me -_-

Spring is just around the corner; seriously it’s so close I can smell it.

I was secretly (because I didn’t want to jinx it. A fat load of good that did me) thrilled that I had managed to remain flu free this entire cold, harsh winter season but alas, the nasty bugger took me down last Saturday.

It’s so severe that ten days later, it’s still sinking its molars into me. And to top it all off, I had the most bizarre dream last night.

I dreamt I was RPM-ing the entire day (on a spin bike people, on a spin bike) so naturally I woke up exhausted. I mean literally, completely effing brutally smashed. Why? Who does that universe, who?

YOU that’s who!

I mean give me a break! I may have been able to forgive you if you’d just told me the name of that hot guy I was cycling next to but whatever. I would have just slobbered all over him anyway so the joke’s on you.

Well not really but I like it when I have the last say.

Now if you’ll please excuse me while I curl into a ball of woeful flu stricken misery on the floor under my desk right now. Splutter, splutter, splutter …

Indian Flag - 70th Independence Day

Bharat Mata Ki Jai Ho!

Happy Independence Day my Fellow Indians and anyone who needs an excuse to celebrate really.

On our 70th year of Independence, may all Indians revel and work towards a better, more beautiful India where we look to ourselves to improve our gorgeous nation. A country is made up of its people alongside their commitment and resolve to making a country as amazing as it should be.

Let’s take a vow to look within rather than point the finger at others as we celebrate our birthright and flamboyantly majestic, magnificent nation!