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WereVamp is Officially Released!

I’m so glad to let everyone know that WereVamp has officially been released.

I’ve celebrated this personal milestone by conducting my first AMA last week which was heaps of fun – it’s funny how you don’t really ponder your own writing journey in detail unless it’s highlighted by a question asked of you (probably one you’ve never really though about before!).

I’m also offering The Last True Blood (the first in the series) absolutely FREE of charge as a promotion and incentive to read the next one, WereVamp (and hopefully get hooked!) for a limited time as well.

Lastly, I would like to urge all readers to conduct an AMA of their own – it was truly fascinating! It was also a lot of fun analysing my own writing journey and I really did meet some awesome individuals. If nothing else, it’s a platform for likeminded peers and the chance to learn and experience more about the written word – and honestly, can there be anything more awesome? Unlikely!

Anyway, until next time, enjoy and please share the love by downloading my book. Self publishing is no walk in the park and anything we can collectively do to make this journey more awesome and palatable is got to be a good thing, right?

WereVamp is on!

Just wanted to jot down a quick few lines before I head off to butcher myself at the gym on a Monday after work!

Downloaded a bunch of photos for my next book cover today. I anticipate I’ll be working on making them look spookily pretty for the next couple of weeks whenever I get some time to play around with them so if I’m a little quiet don’t think I’ve slacked down or anything 😀

I’m working in the background!

Until my next update or just plain whinge – see you later my peeps!

It’s Time for Some Honesty

You know those days when you realise you haven’t looked in the mirror for a while.

I mean metaphorically.

I admit it – I’ve been procrastinating. Writing the last couple of months has been nothing short of an ordeal for me, like Build Rome in a Day sort of suffering rather than incinerate it.

I’m not saying I’m cured or anything but the below video really helped to put things in perspective for me once more. It’s easy to forget the love I have in my bones for this beautiful creative piece of life and though I tend to feel brain dead most days with regards to creating words out of thin air recently, this video stirred that passionate, wanting desire I have for letters all over again and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Don’t stop what you love people, just remember, fights are a normal part of an unhealthily healthy, obsessive, hot, overzealous love you have with something or someone. So to my writing gene, I have three words for you. Bring – It – ON.

Writer's Block

It’s Cold & the Writing Part of my Brain is Frozen.

I swear, this is a viable condition often experienced by Writer’s in winter. It’s called Frozen Writer’s block. There’s no cure except for gluttonous extreme vegetation in front of the BBC channel for inspiration.

You know that saying, one girl’s loss is another one’s gain. You’re welcome, another week free of punishment from my brain. Don’t say I don’t give you anything.

Disclaimer: For faster results, attack the virus with a never ending supply of buttered popcorn and unhealthy salt and fake cheese infused Cheese and Bacon Balls.

Let me know if you want my address or I could just lie here with my mouth open and you can pelt junk food into it. See, there’s a positive to everything – even Frozen Writer’s Block.

Writing a Novel

Write for the Likes or for your Like?

It’s a question all of us writers have been (or will be) inevitably faced with, let’s be honest.

Do you write for yourself or do you write to become popular?

But here’s the deal:

When you write for the masses you get recognition. When you write for yourself, it’s this amazing cathartic experience that may keep you off the suicide watch program. Though slit my wrists Suzie may have been pushed to the backburner for a little while, chances are no one else really cares.

Write for everyone and at least you get a comment or two amongst that deafening crickets’ sound I at least, have become so very well versed with.

My suggestion?

I’ll be damned if I know.


C’mon, it’s not like you come to this blog for answers is it? Because if it is, please don’t.


I already have enough lawsuits led by Psychiatrists around the world against me and I’m kinda broke, so the joke’s on them.

But still, I don’t want your insanity on my conscious. You have been adequately warned. Just be entertained or at least pretend to be, my ego bruises easily.

Thanks. xoxo

Yes! I'm good at something!

Apparently I’m good at something …

And no, it’s not making balloon figurines.

It could also just be that I got lucky and I know how to bullshit eloquently. But then I can claim to being wonderful at bullshitting so it’s a win-win really. Don’t you just love those?

Anyway I digress, but then as I look over some of my posts I realise that I’d have no material if I didn’t so thank you short (let’s get real – invisible, non-existent) attention span. I owe you one but I probably won’t remember so it suxs to be you.

Now more to the, albeit useless and inconsequential point, I have been published in an online publication on making it as a savvy female entrepreneur in the online space. I don’t really understand why some of these very cool points (possibly excluding my piece) can’t be used by men but considering my amazing natural ability to put my foot in it, I controlled myself and didn’t ask the question. What? Getting published was hard enough in the first place. I’ll let my Zorro out when I’ve got a little more clout.

Anyway, hope all is well with your writing endeavours. Keep writing, stick with it and try not to pull your hair out in the process. I know it’s difficult but try anyway …

Dear Writer’s Block … Again

I hate you … let’s just make that clear.

I don’t know what I’ve ever done to you.

You always seem to strike at the most inopportune times, like my weighing machine just before a gorgeous date with an ice cream binge.

You mock me in your silence with your evil partner in crime – that dreaded foreboding cursor as it blinks at me flirtatiously always giving me just enough hope to think I may make it to the end and then you snatch it away. Oh, so torturously cruelly.

I hate you. I think I said that already but I feel like I have to say it twice so you know just how much agonising loathing I have for you within me.

That’s not very nice is it? But I don’t care.

You keep me away from my one and only friend, you are the very core of a disgusting, omnipresent nemesis.

You take pleasure in tearing apart two lovers, ripping one soul into pieces and then you ridicule me in all your powerful glory.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. It cannot be repeated enough.

It has been said in all its finality. Know that one day I will get the last laugh even if it is just to write down those eight precious letters …

I hate you.