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I’m to Blame for That Dove Ad


I am.


Because for far too long many females of colour have perpetuated the myth that anything but pale, white skin is ugly.

There’s no two ways about it.

It sounds harsh, we try and put our political correctness spin on it but the truth is, it’s girls of colour that promote our skin as being ugly, undesirable and almost “dirty”. Why else would we need a clean, white Dove brand to help us scrub away all that ugliness.

I’m going to get haters on this but it needs to be said.

When my country’s malls and department stores are literally littered with Caucasian models that we all aspire to look like (when none of us do no matter how many whiteness products we use) I think we need to get off our hypocritical arses and wake up and smell the roses.

It’s not Unilever’s Dove or any other whitewashed brand’s fault. It’s ours. Yours and mine.

Until we start saying I am beautiful, I am desirable and I want more representations of the way I look and feel in my malls and shop fronts, the Unilever’s of the world will keep doing what they are doing because it’s what we’re asking for.

This is not a hate post against Caucasian women – far from it. What this is a post about is a celebration of ALL of us – of all colours and sizes.

There’s a reason we’re told from day one that one size does not fit all because boy, would that be a boring world.

Here’s the ad if you haven’t seen it yet.


I’m Not Laughing

I love the sound of Kookaburra’s.

Even when I feel like they’re laughing at me rather than with me – particularly when I’m slogging away on a hot summer morning run (I try not to take it personally when a whole bunch of them seem to get hysterical every time I pass through their morning breakfast route).

This is a photograph of one my sister took on a mid afternoon stroll this Labour Day Weekend. They’re brave birds but this one looked straight at Mayunka as if to have her photo taken.

For all the bird lovers – I thought you’d like this one!


Speak soon 🙂

Apple Orchard

Do you ever just stop?

To take a look around yourselves? To witness the wonder and beauty this amazing planet we’re all renting out at the moment has to offer?

Every so often Mother Nature takes my breath away. Literally.

Apple Orchard Sign

I live about 15 minutes away from this amazing Apple Orchard and it feels like I’ve stepped back in time. Hot Cider and Freshly Baked Homemade Apple Pies in the freezing cold winter, can it get any better? Unlikely.


Just thought I’d share some of the beauty we have this way for you to feast your eyes on while I feast my taste buds on some apple. What? It’s fruit and doesn’t an apple a day keep the doctor away? Or maybe 2 or 3?

Apple Orchard Shop

Quit your snickering, I’m keeping the calories to myself! 😀 Enjoy!!!

Photos taken from mayunkasharmaphotography.wordpress.com

Apple Orchard Shed

It’s a beautiful world …

I went to the city over the weekend, taking my grandparents around Circular Quay and the gorgeous coat-hanger (Harbour Bridge), the famous Opera House and the Rocks.

Isn’t it funny how you often overlook what people spend thousands of dollars and travel across the world to see when it’s in your backyard?

There are so many gems Mother Nature has tucked away for us to enjoy but we’re too obsessed about taking that perfect selfie -_-

Remember to enjoy what’s around you guys because contrary to popular belief, that is a lot more precious than those pair of Louis Vuitton’s you’ve been saving up for!

What’s your miracle?

I find that we humans tend to complain. A lot.

For the most part of it though, when I really, truly think about it, it dawns on me that we live in a beautiful world. No jokes.

I have to admit that I can sometimes be blamed for searching for my miracles far and wide when often they are right there, staring me in the face, waiting patiently to be glimpsed at.

I was reminded of this wonderful fact on Monday when my sister and I were semi-severely tested. We were besides ourselves wondering what was going to happen, how the World as we knew it was going to change forever, without no forewarning (you know, the usual stuff).

One moment with our parents though evaded the impending disaster in ooh, about five minutes. I honestly do have the best parents ever (as I think every child does for themselves) and I often realise – one look into my mama or baba’s eyes and there it is, glaring right back at me. My  Miracle.

Here’s hoping that each and every one of you have your miracles close by today!

Don’t Judge a Mango by its Cover …

Apparently books aren’t the only inanimate (or animate) objects you shouldn’t be judging by their skins.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m being melodramatic? Okay, so I wouldn’t (more like couldn’t) normally argue with you on that point as severely as I should – I just wish I had taken a photograph of this enticingly flirtatious mango so you could all get it.

I have never seen a more beautiful Mango in my life, an orange shade that would put a sunset on the most picturesque beach to shame, dripping with bursts of mouth-watering juicy pulp that would no doubt be the envy of every single of Willy Wonker’s syrup infused lollies and a skin as soft, if not more delectable (or podgy) as a (diet required) baby’s bottom.

Feel like some mango right about now? Yeah, well just don’t. Stay away from that sinful Megan Fox Mango version coz she’s just gonna break your heart. Believe me. I do not lie. Well I do sometimes, but that’s another story.

For us Indians (even apparently demonizing-ly diluted immigrant ones like myself), mangos are sometimes the ONLY fruit we will ingest as a dessert and that is because it’s sweet enough to kill any lingering remnants of potential health.

Yeah well, not this one. It was crap. Sometimes you don’t need any eloquent words to explain your experience. This mango suxed. Full stop. I hope you can fully comprehend the dire situation because I even resorted to spelling out the word “full stop”.

Beauty is definitely skin deep guys, I just didn’t realise I would have to find out this way. Woe is me 😦

Oh cheer up. It’s Hump Day, we’re nearly there 🙂

Life’s Good …

… because it just is and I say so! Sometimes, that’s all it takes – a mind shift that tells you all’s good.

I am constantly surprised at what I notice around me when I tell myself this, splendid anomalies I normally just overlook or take for granted when I’m griping about everything that is going wrong.

We live on a beautiful planet people with a higher amount of really awesome people, sooner or later you realise the douchebags are few and far between, so don’t stress and most importantly – ENJOY! 🙂