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Writing Update – WereVamp looks gooood :)

How are you, my lovely peeps?

Just wanted to let you in on something I’m very excited about – my new book cover for WereVamp.

Just looking at it gives me the shivers because I’m now so close I can smell it and no, that’s not Levi’s werewolf senses going crazy 😀

Anyway, let me know what you think, as usual I can’t thank my adorable sister Mayunka more for her (always) epic creativity!

Speak soon …


Shake-Up in my Writing World …

More like an Earthquake actually.

I’ve been very obviously missing in the blogosphere of my own writing lately and it’s not because I haven’t been busy writing, it’s just that most of my time has been spent getting published in a variety of online and print magazines for my company.

So I have been writing.

Just not fiction.

But I’m working on changing that.

So, I’m hoping to get my second book published in my vampire series but I still have loads to do.

Just wanted to let the few of you who are my diehard fans know that I’m still here and I haven’t given up! 🙂

The holidays are so very close (I can almost smell it) and I am tiring, so hopefully I’ll be able to put some rubber to the floor before I go for a break but I’ll keep you posted.

Till then, lots of love and just keep writing, writing, writing, just keep writing!

I’m so excited I got my first Troll …

… I think that has to mean I’ve officially made it, hit the big time, right?

Seriously, if someone is taking time out of their presumably “busy” schedule to stalk me about how crap I am at everything literary related it would have to mean I’m someone of (somewhat) importance.

Either that, or the you-know-what head has got seriously nothing better to do with their life than leave unassuming, try-hard jibes peppered across my Twitter account.

I’ll take the first version because you know, I’m working on my positive affirmation.

Just so you know, they ended up blocking me which I guess makes me a Troll in return.

If I’d only known Troll training was as easy as it turned out to be, I would have received my certificate ages ago.

You know what they say – it takes one to know one 🙂

Slam bam, thank you mam!

I’m Sorry …

… for being so absent lately.

Though it isn’t an excuse, I’ll fall back on that dismal aspect of human nature and attempt to absolve myself of any wrongdoings by providing you with an adequate 3 point resource on how it’s really not my fault.

Point 1 – I’ve been so busy that if I were a Troll protecting the make believe bridge to Narnia I just made up right now, well, Narnia would no longer be Narnia – it would be the next best holiday destination. I have been writing though, about an article a week but woe is me, much of my time is taken up in maintaining active social media accounts for work.

You need a Twitter, Facebook or Google + guru right now, don’t look at me. I’m fresh out of ideas.

Point 2 – I have seriously pissed karma off and I don’t even know what I did. The amount of minor mishaps I have had with my skeleton over the past month would be enough to fill up a small encyclopaedia. Seriously. From toe injuries to wrist massacring’s, it’s a wonder I still resemble a human body. Fine, maybe not an encyclopaedia but a good weekend read in a grubby motel off Highway 5. At least.

Point 3 – I blame Trump because well, why wouldn’t you?

I don’t think history has ever provided us with such an apt “he is the cause of everything that’s wrong in this world, my life and this entire solar system really” excuse, people. Ever.

I am not kidding. It’s every man, woman and child for themselves and I can’t even copyright this one. Take it. Run with it.

I’ve been busy because Trump exists.

With that being said, I make no promises except an absolute true declaration – I have missed all of you. Truly.

I’ll try and make it up for it and write some more, or at least be more present if my fingers remain from that biyatch injury infliction.

I hope you’re listening karma. I’m a Hindu and I ain’t going anywhere so let’s try and be friends, okay? Or at least civil.

See you soon my peeps xoxo


Write non-Write Balance

I just watched a video that discredited the whole elusive work-life balance thing we all crave.

It was for work and I got through four minutes of it thinking there’s four minutes of my life I’m never getting back because it really helped me in NO possible way for my actual job. Even after trying to deploy all my imaginative, creative abilities I pride myself on having honed until now.

But whatever – Another story.

What it did mention though is how the whole work-life balance concept is a piece of you know what because when you love something you do, the lines between work and play blur.

Sounds blissfully ignorant if you ask me.

The guy then mentioned how creatives (supposedly people like you and me) don’t believe in the concept of work life balance because we can’t shut off our creative brain no matter how much we try.

I don’t know about you but I can definitely shut my creative part of the brain. In fact, I would suggest that my “creative” part often leaves me lurching in the pitch bleakness of nothingness because it’s decides to go on an impromptu dark orgy with some buddies of it.

Again, another story.

After just having spat out three articles of varying degrees of dullness, today is definitely one of those days I wish I had more write and non-write balance. So to the irritating perky dude who declares work life balance is a façade for us mere folk who would love to be a beached walrus right now, I’d like to politely tell you to shut up.

I’d get more creative with my dismissive attitude but I can’t. My creative side just left me a note that says Do Not Disturb.

And the Most Embarrassing Award goes to!

Everyone pretty much knows that I have been faced with many potential options in this lifetime but I honestly have to confess that confining a single interlude in my life as a token of what I like to eloquently term as ashamed bashfulness is in all truth, quite ludicrously impossible.

Now c’mon everyone, we’re all friends right? Considering most of you know about the expeditions that have dotted my wonderfully bizarre journey, I know for a fact, none of you are disagreeing with me at the moment.

If I didn’t know better, I would bet my life on the undeniable fact that the Universe is sending me unfashionably cloaked cryptic messages on Embarrassing being my real middle name instead of Pradip.

Contrary to popular belief, some of my seemingly meaningless ramblings do have a purpose, and so does this one, albeit uncharacteristically. You know you don’t have to agree with everything I say, don’t you?

I have very humbly accepted the Daydreamer Award from the wonderfully talented Pomad, partly because I thought this would seriously have to be the easiest post I have ever completed considering writing what you know always is, but mostly because I have an insanely embarrassing crush on the awesome dudette.

Anyway, I digress. Please don’t block me Miss. Pomad, my love and adoration is restrained and just stops short from the psycho stalko stage … I reluctantly promise.

So here are the rules:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award. THANKS Pomad. Ahem, I love you 🙂
2) Complete the challenge they set you. I promise to make every possible effort to at least attempt to come up with something resembling sense.
3) Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. (The amount of blogs you select in unlimited!) The wonderfully spectacular Herminia Chow. Seriously, she is so spectacular I think this version of Spiderman was  actually inspired by her 🙂
4) Tell them about it and set them a challenge. Herminia, I hope you’re reading this as well as any of my other amazing fellow bloggers who want to do this!
5) You can link my blog at the bottom (but only if you want to). In case you haven’t got it yet, insane girl crush on this lass😉

So, deep breath. Here goes. My MOST embarrassing moment, one that I have kept close to my chest for the days, minutes, moments that have hauntingly hunted me down since. I guess I will find out after my follower numbers are dissected into well, oblivion once this is posted if this was a good idea or not.

Picture this, class of one hundred students in a lecture hall for my dreaded Marketing class, day one. Complete with ooh, about 49% of the entire Bondi Beach drop dead gorgeous male population.

Task? Simple enough. Get up in front of the entire class and name your favourite fruit and your reason.

I had the perfect example, a mango because it’s refreshing and sweet rolled into one, just like me. I should have known then. The warning bells were blazing but my youthful exuberance (similar to the one that got me into trouble yesterday at my local café, but that’s another story)  wouldn’t let me heed the dire warning.

Why I would say what I did, till this day, like so much that surrounds my mouth, baffles me.

My answer? Seriously my hands are trembling on the keyboard right now was ..,

“A banana because it fills me up nicely” ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I know, I know. Why? No seriously, why? I mean. Really? Why Dammit WHHHHYYYYYYY!?!?!

Let’s just say, none of those Baywatch inspired models would touch me after that. Even with a stick that had lost it’s shape thanks to the most poisonous Aussie snake venom infused bubble-wrap warped covering immersed in all the Echidna spikes you could find.

I did though, get relentlessly pursued by a few real psycho stalko ardent followers the rest of the semester who vowed that they would show me the way in all their illuminative grandeur -_-

So there you have it. One of the many ridiculously, excruciatingly, mortifying humiliating moments that have mysteriously tripped me along the way. I have finally got it out, for the rest of the world to see.

I hope you still kind of like me and that your “I have to keep reading even though it’s like watching a train crash head first into the Titanic” infused sentiment of my blog is still intact.

Anyway, here is my challenge to Herminia and everyone else.

Hello, are you still there? Crap. Oh well. Here goes:

Write about one profound experience that has changed your life which involves doing something for someone else

Why? After writing this, clearly no one will ever be able to surpass my level of embarrassment again and I feel like reading about someone who has done something good for someone else. I need to feel all warm and fizzy (I think I like this botched up version of autocorrect on fuzzy because lets face it, who doesn’t want to feel all fizzy internally?) on the inside.

See you around guys.