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I’m back! Bring it on 2018!

Just wanted to drop a quick note in the midst of my email nightmare.

Just returned from a fabulous trip – I went to my favourite place on the planet, my India and ended with Hong Kong (which was equally as spectacular just in case you’re wondering).

But … I came back to over 1600 emails :0

I know, I know, was the holiday worth it? I’ve been struggling to answer that question but every time I close my eyes and reminisce I absolutely know it was so worth it!

Anyway, just wanted to let all of you very special people know that once I get to some sort of semblance with work (hopefully I’ll be there at the end of the week), I am back on my novel.

BTW – the cover is looking so amazing, I’m actually gushing – hope to share it with you soon.

Till then – all my love xoxo



WereVamp is on!

Just wanted to jot down a quick few lines before I head off to butcher myself at the gym on a Monday after work!

Downloaded a bunch of photos for my next book cover today. I anticipate I’ll be working on making them look spookily pretty for the next couple of weeks whenever I get some time to play around with them so if I’m a little quiet don’t think I’ve slacked down or anything 😀

I’m working in the background!

Until my next update or just plain whinge – see you later my peeps!

My vocabulary has been distilled down to four letters: D-I-E-T.

And no, it doesn’t stand for diet, though I am a little creeped out right about now seeing as I just realised Edit and Diet are made up of the same letters!

I hope it’s not a sign from the universe but considering I have been doing little more than sitting on my ‘you know what’ and editing the crap out of my novel, I’m going to bet the contents of my pocket it is.

Which, in case you’re wondering (because why wouldn’t you?) includes a worn out (literal meaning – pristine copy) of my exercise program, a half chewed/licked Violet Crumble and a recycled chewing gum.

I have no idea why no one ever wants to gamble with me.

I’m getting Jiggy with it!

Because I am half way there folks. Half way there! Woo hoo!!!

Finished 40,000 words of my manuscript for my new novel on Friday, worked the weekend in my job and am now hoping to spend the remainder of the week editing.

Fun times, huh? I’ll let you know how I go soon … you know if I’m still sane and all.

Oh, shush guys. You know what I mean, as sane as I can be. Geez, spread the love already! 😀 ❤

Do you think Characters are an extension of their Creators?

Because if they are I think I may be seriously clinically depressed.

I’m not sure if I’m entirely in love with my newest character at the moment, not to say that she’s not growing on me but if she is anything like me, I’d like to know why you’re my friend.

You are my friend right? Pleeeeaaaasssse say you’re my friend!!!!

Damn she’s … I mean I’m insecure 😛

Don’t Judge a Mango by its Cover …

Apparently books aren’t the only inanimate (or animate) objects you shouldn’t be judging by their skins.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m being melodramatic? Okay, so I wouldn’t (more like couldn’t) normally argue with you on that point as severely as I should – I just wish I had taken a photograph of this enticingly flirtatious mango so you could all get it.

I have never seen a more beautiful Mango in my life, an orange shade that would put a sunset on the most picturesque beach to shame, dripping with bursts of mouth-watering juicy pulp that would no doubt be the envy of every single of Willy Wonker’s syrup infused lollies and a skin as soft, if not more delectable (or podgy) as a (diet required) baby’s bottom.

Feel like some mango right about now? Yeah, well just don’t. Stay away from that sinful Megan Fox Mango version coz she’s just gonna break your heart. Believe me. I do not lie. Well I do sometimes, but that’s another story.

For us Indians (even apparently demonizing-ly diluted immigrant ones like myself), mangos are sometimes the ONLY fruit we will ingest as a dessert and that is because it’s sweet enough to kill any lingering remnants of potential health.

Yeah well, not this one. It was crap. Sometimes you don’t need any eloquent words to explain your experience. This mango suxed. Full stop. I hope you can fully comprehend the dire situation because I even resorted to spelling out the word “full stop”.

Beauty is definitely skin deep guys, I just didn’t realise I would have to find out this way. Woe is me 😦

Oh cheer up. It’s Hump Day, we’re nearly there 🙂

We’re Different & Proud of it!

Apparently loads of immigrants the world over have been having a hard time explaining their differences or what we like to commonly refer to as our “uniqueness” and what originals term as our “whacky inability to fit in syndrome”.

I know, ours is so much catchier 😛

Either that, or the constant clicking on my video link is a subtle warning for impending death threats coming my way.

Phew, thank the good Lord for virtual reality sometimes, death threats are so much less permanent nowadays.