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Writing Update – WereVamp looks gooood :)

How are you, my lovely peeps?

Just wanted to let you in on something I’m very excited about – my new book cover for WereVamp.

Just looking at it gives me the shivers because I’m now so close I can smell it and no, that’s not Levi’s werewolf senses going crazy 😀

Anyway, let me know what you think, as usual I can’t thank my adorable sister Mayunka more for her (always) epic creativity!

Speak soon …

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Are you all ready for Christmas?

Have you got the Christmas lights set up – check! The tree stocked with presents – check! The candy jar filled to the brim (well mine did start out that way :P) – check!

Honestly, I was so organised this year – December 1st and everything was set to go 😀

Anyhow, I just wanted to write a short note wishing everyone much joyful festive cheer this wonderful, awesome season.

I am deep in the midst and dark dungeons of trying to get my next instalment of The Last True Blood Series ready for Smashwords’ completely unattainable (or at least it seems so) Premium category but I must admit, I am revelling in the writing journey again.

Won’t be here for a while, having a much needed and well deserved (at least I think so) break for the summer holidays here in Oz.

Take care & watch this space pretty please! Will keep you updated soon. Cheerio my peeps!

Writing a Novel

Write for the Likes or for your Like?

It’s a question all of us writers have been (or will be) inevitably faced with, let’s be honest.

Do you write for yourself or do you write to become popular?

But here’s the deal:

When you write for the masses you get recognition. When you write for yourself, it’s this amazing cathartic experience that may keep you off the suicide watch program. Though slit my wrists Suzie may have been pushed to the backburner for a little while, chances are no one else really cares.

Write for everyone and at least you get a comment or two amongst that deafening crickets’ sound I at least, have become so very well versed with.

My suggestion?

I’ll be damned if I know.


C’mon, it’s not like you come to this blog for answers is it? Because if it is, please don’t.


I already have enough lawsuits led by Psychiatrists around the world against me and I’m kinda broke, so the joke’s on them.

But still, I don’t want your insanity on my conscious. You have been adequately warned. Just be entertained or at least pretend to be, my ego bruises easily.

Thanks. xoxo

My vocabulary has been distilled down to four letters: D-I-E-T.

And no, it doesn’t stand for diet, though I am a little creeped out right about now seeing as I just realised Edit and Diet are made up of the same letters!

I hope it’s not a sign from the universe but considering I have been doing little more than sitting on my ‘you know what’ and editing the crap out of my novel, I’m going to bet the contents of my pocket it is.

Which, in case you’re wondering (because why wouldn’t you?) includes a worn out (literal meaning – pristine copy) of my exercise program, a half chewed/licked Violet Crumble and a recycled chewing gum.

I have no idea why no one ever wants to gamble with me.

20,000 words!!!

So I think I’ve compiled about 1/4 of my next novel’s first draft.

I’m feeling slightly elated and a little bit more supportive of my main protagonist now.

I haven’t really been able to stand her up till about 5000 words ago, but her evolution is finally starting to make sense to my critical brain’s emotive sensors.

This is the first book I really haven’t got a solid plot set out for which is slightly nerve wracking to be honest but I’m so busy with work at the moment, I’m just letting the whole journey play out.

Hopefully it will work, if not, it’s back to the drawing board for me.

So, how are all of your personal endeavours going?

Do you think Characters are an extension of their Creators?

Because if they are I think I may be seriously clinically depressed.

I’m not sure if I’m entirely in love with my newest character at the moment, not to say that she’s not growing on me but if she is anything like me, I’d like to know why you’re my friend.

You are my friend right? Pleeeeaaaasssse say you’re my friend!!!!

Damn she’s … I mean I’m insecure 😛

Am I the only one rooting for cartoon villains?

I don’t know what it is about those cute technicoloured “badies”, but as a cartoon buff, I can’t help rooting for Tom, the Coyote and Sylvester – just a little bit.

Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday, but I always harbour a little hope for those dangerously, mean, downright cruel characters that have entertained us throughout our childhood (and continue to do so for some of us 😛 ). Really, what would the Roadrunner, Jerry and Tweety be without them? In one word – B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

So here’s raising a big glass of milkshake to them all. I love you guys, just as long as you don’t roll me into super thin papier-mâché that skids across the desert melodiously, super glue my butt to that horrible bulldog’s kennel Jerry loves so much or get Granny to slap me repeatedly while kicking me to the kerb to sleep out on tonight.

Have a great weekend guys, because in the words of the Great Porky Pig “Th-th-th – that’s all folks!” 😉

Image taken from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/glauciagoes/3314653243/in/photolist-VMayU-QrCH-dEeR2s-63UsVR-g4NjRy-frmLj-5rQu5X-2Roy5-j2GcP-9JNpSx-4679Cq-gcjZVS-aJtVhr-6b8wJZ-6wXyiJ-dtz1Wd-83pWar-83t3tG-9Wfkti-6wTogT-6tJo91-aJtVYt-aJtVzc-9A7UUq-79mie-5X36Wb-aJtVxg-5n79DS-jVyQ7D-9iTFDj-6ECdix-cYjm4W-7gM2o4-fzsUKC-F6YN5-aZxVyr-F71pc-fBdprc-3yJ9B-F27Kn-6cFEZZ-7cGvFZ-83T5c7-cYjkMS-dQLC9L-7Qk9wh-cFgEAG-cD81n7-c9qpK1-dERibd

Does the Weather affect your writing?

Yesterday we had the most awesome thunderstorm ever!

I absolutely adore writing in what the general population may consider as catastrophic weather events, when crackling lightning and the roaring thunder shreds the clouds above you apart. The surging rain as it assaults my windows ferociously and pelting razored balls of ice during a rioting hail storm is the perfect backdrop to writing, especially dark characters like my Adrinius.

What about you? Does the weather affect your mood when you’re working?

Keep on Writing …

“… Writing, writing. Keep on writing, writing, writing. Keep on writing, writing, writing. Keep on writing, writing, writing …”

I’ve heard that repeating this mantra in my mind, or aloud if you’re in the vicinity of people who love you too much (or in my case, too closely related) to institutionalise you, will help matters.

So, I sat down in front of my computer to put the theory to test and discovered that the saying is complete crap. You can see for yourself – the only thing I got out after exercising my fingers and cracking them appropriately was the above paragraph, more like three words in repetition. Sorry guys – better luck next time :p

Have a wonderfully super weekend 🙂