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Quit Complaining, Will You?

Most of those who know me will attest to my incessant love for my country of origin.

I consider myself lucky to have never been confused about my identity and heritage because it was the only consistent part of my being throughout my travels across international man-made borders (but that’s another Blog Post).

What does irk me though, is our (and I am prepared to get some, scratch that, quite a bit of flak about this) continuous requirement to constantly whinge about why everything that is untoward in India is the government’s fault.

I’m not here to discuss my political viewpoints or actively promote any particular party but what I would like to just throw into the spanner is the novel idea of a country being made up of, wait for it, its people.

What makes up India or Australia or whatever country you’re currently in is NOT a representative party but people like YOU.

So, the next time you’re about to go on a rampage about why “X” is happening in your country and why it’s “YOUR GOVERNMENT’S” fault, take a step back and think about what you’re doing to exasperate or reduce the effects, the implications or the cause/s of the issue/s.

As an Indian with a distinctly Aussie flavour (and a sprinkling of British), I often wonder about what I’m doing to effectively combat the issues my countries are facing at the moment, do you?

Let me know below! 🙂


Me too!

I’m not one to usually explode my lungs shouting out about my heritage from the rooftops because I believe pride in ones origin is one that normally includes quiet contemplation. Otherwise you just sound like a borderline bigoted racist, but that’s just my opinion!

However, every so often you come across something like this and it just makes me feel shivery and tingly all over, but most of all it makes me feel grateful. I don’t believe you have to be Indian to “feel” this video because though the nuances may be extremely Indian, I think the emotions are universal for anyone who thinks about home.