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Writing a Novel

Write for the Likes or for your Like?

It’s a question all of us writers have been (or will be) inevitably faced with, let’s be honest.

Do you write for yourself or do you write to become popular?

But here’s the deal:

When you write for the masses you get recognition. When you write for yourself, it’s this amazing cathartic experience that may keep you off the suicide watch program. Though slit my wrists Suzie may have been pushed to the backburner for a little while, chances are no one else really cares.

Write for everyone and at least you get a comment or two amongst that deafening crickets’ sound I at least, have become so very well versed with.

My suggestion?

I’ll be damned if I know.


C’mon, it’s not like you come to this blog for answers is it? Because if it is, please don’t.


I already have enough lawsuits led by Psychiatrists around the world against me and I’m kinda broke, so the joke’s on them.

But still, I don’t want your insanity on my conscious. You have been adequately warned. Just be entertained or at least pretend to be, my ego bruises easily.

Thanks. xoxo

Did You Check if I had Two Left Feet?

I’m not kidding.

I asked my mum this question the other day and she gave me her characteristic “if I’d only known, I may have decided otherwise” look she often gives me when I question her, just before her trademark roll of her big, brown eyes.

I’ve been taunted for my Two Left Feet syndrome for quite some years now and I have only recently began to brandish them to the World with pride.

This is due, largely, to my newfound appreciation for being a walking disaster.

Why? I hear you ask (I’m ignoring the slightly sarcastic tone I hear as well), so please allow me to educate you on the behalf of all Two Left Feet inflicted human beings (and animals – because my Dog, Dashy Boy had four of them. But that’s another story).

  1. I can bask in the glory of falling everywhere, from famous monuments, like the Louvre and the Taj Mahal to more mundane areas like my school bus stop without fail, mind you, every single Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Competing the caricature move with elegance and poise. No one, I repeat, no one can fall as fluidly in a skirt as I  can. Except perhaps my sister. What can I say, it runs in the family.
  3. Not being embarrassed at anything anymore. After succumbing to the fact that I will always, and I really do mean always, fall right in front of the hottest guy in the universe at each and every stage (and never in their lap like the Fairy tales falsely predict), I find that nothing can quite bring a rosiness to my cheeks any more. On the downside, this does mean I have to spend more on makeup but at least its easier on my nervous system and internal organs.

And there you have it, why two left feet is a blessing rather than a curse. You can provide more statistical research in the comments section below if you wish. I’ll even cite your expert opinion in the PhD Thesis I’m planning on completing on the topic …

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It’s that wonderful time of year again.

My favourite month is just around the corner, summer holidays for us Aussies! Yay!!!

I know I probably say this every year, but man am I ready for a break. I go on unofficial leave in about 2 1/2 weeks time and official leave in 3 1/2 which means that there’s a lot to do before I officially hang my socks up for the year.

It also means you lucky Bloggers get a much needed break from moi till about February, 2016 unless I sporadically post in between now till then because I absolutely have to.  Just to check up on all of you mischievous followers. But, you’re my mischievous lot so I love you 🙂

Anyway, have a wonderful, magnificently marvellous festive season with the people you care for and who love you back (because that’s important, just saying) and I will see you all in 2016.

Thanks for the laughs this year, you helped me get through many a dreary day. See you soon xoxo

Gulab Jamun

It’s always about the food, isn’t it?

Or, is that just me?

Eh, who cares! 🙂

We had a brilliant Diwali last Wednesday, cooked till 2am in the morning last Tuesday so I just thought I’d share some of our delectable delights with you and keep the calories to myself.

Sound like a fair bargain?

Anyway, I hope you’re all wonderful and happy!

Enjoy and see you soon 🙂

Diwlai 2015

Happy Diwali Everyone!

May this Festival of Lights shower much happiness, joy and splendour on all of you!

Have a lot of good food, sweets and precious moments with your loved ones as we celebrate the glorious Festival of Lights around the World!


Image Taken From: Kelley Bozarth. Like her work? Check out kelleydealphotography.com 

Bartender-ing Indian Style!

Many Indians will often state how Punjab is the soul of humour in India.

I have no idea why.

Before I’m bombarded with hate mail though, let me just state right here and now that I’m half Punjabi so you know … I’m entitled to make fun of myself though I really do think this guy is immensely cool but then again, that may just be the Punjabi in me 😀

Every so often, you awake to Magic …

… At least, I did on Friday.

Winter magic. There’s something so special about waking up to everything being bathed in white.

The kids were up all through the night skiing on the roads and building snowmen (and some snowgirls by the way. We don’t discriminate on gender)

I live in a town of golf courses so you can just imagine the fun we had. People were outside from around about 10pm on Thursday up till Friday afternoon. It only goes to prove, you rarely need money to create your enjoyable memories.

Hope all of you are creating your stories wherever you are! 🙂 🙂 🙂