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For Good to Exist, There Must be Bad …

This really hits home sometimes.

Like when I meet some people I’m really stumped about – specifically on how they exist. Forget the why bit …

Or I put the news on and I see what we do to our fellow human beings to protect the “invisible” borders people we don’t even know or remember put up …

Or when I look at a cheesecake and think about its calories. But whhhhyyyyy …

But then I think about the Nelson Mandela’s, Mahatma Gandhi’s and the Rosa Park’s of the world and I am reminded that nothing worthy comes easy so let the bad be because so many of us will keep fighting the good fight.

The Casual Racist

Know a Casual Racist?

You know who and what I’m talking about.

I think we’ve all probably had the misfortune of coming across one or two (if you’re lucky).
That person who isn’t racist but thinks that adding a smile at the end of a thinly veiled racially motivated comment makes it alright to just chuck one at you anyway.

I have spent the past five weeks traveling across India through Shimla, Delhi and Mumbai, completing my superb trip at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In one word – amazing (sing that while you read it for added emphasis).

I must admit to spending some of my time dispelling stereotypes about the land down-under vehemently because you know, ignorance is never an excuse for sweeping generalisations that can come across as rude because they are, people, they are. Simple as that. No, no matter what ever angle or perspective you look at it.

What I didn’t expect was Pauline Hanson’s vigorously and scarily increasing popularity. As a side bar, what exactly is happening to the world and it’s dangerously increasing xenophobia? It takes two to tango in life for everything and the Trumps, Hanson’s and every other right wing party leader in Europe is where they are because of all of us (those of us who vote for them and those of us who can’t be bothered getting off our arses to put a stop to potential future genocide for the gazillion-th time).

I also managed to meet every racist Aussie I strongly believe exists in my vicinity in the week I got back. I know this is highly unlikely but like everything negative, the numbers seem to exponentially build inconceivably, like something out of a J.K. Rowling novel.
Comments like, “ugh Dehli, way too many people in your country” (adding a smile at the end of that sentence still pisses me off by the way), “must have been sweaty and hot in your country” (that’s rich coming from someone who is currently battling 42 degree Celsius weather), “did you take any photos of elephants and tigers while you were there?” (the next time you take a photo of a kangaroo jumping over the Harbour Bridge in Sydney city, please-let-me-know).

I could go on but why?

Why should I waste my time trying to educate casual racists on not so common etiquette and courtesy? If they haven’t learnt yet, they never will.

Just note please …

Sticking a flag in countries that were never yours and never will be was never and will never be right.

Full stop.

Just like adding a smile to the end of a sentence you may think is manipulatively cloaked but glaringly obvious to the people you have been attempting to “civilise” for centuries is not and will never be acceptable.

This may be offensive to some and I get it.

Because this entire piece has been written with a clear and complete absence of a smile.

For the rest of you who have managed to find this writing somewhat palatable, I’ll be posting pics of my amazing journey soon hopefully. I trust your open-mindedness will allow you to see through the stereotypes and generalisations towards the glorious similarities we all share against the backdrop of exciting cultural nuances.

See you soon xoxo

Dear Germany … You Rock!

Thank you, Germany.

For reminding the world that your present, (or your future), does not rest on the atrocities of your past.

I wish so many things after witnessing the genuine outpouring of human sympathy in your country, like how the rest of those in the World with more would follow your outstanding example with the refugee crisis.

I wish we would understand that if there were truly meant to be borders, we shouldn’t have one, created implements like ships and planes that would allow us to explore this truly beautiful planet we (for the most part, badly) rent or two, comprehend that Mother Nature would have built up boundaries before we ever got here.

I also wish someone had told me that Love Thy Neighbour meant “I’m going to help bomb your place to smithereens, eradicate your culture and then say you can’t come to my place”.

I am truly shameful for our actions and turning a blind eye to your good while never forgetting your harrowing past.

I, for one, am voting to change the word humanity because as far as I can see, humans have to be one of the most inhumane species on the planet.

We live in a Democracy but … you’re not allowed to say that.

“But” – such a seemingly simple, nonabrasive word, hardly ever recognised for its severe hypocrisy enamoured intentions and the scantily clad evilness it embodies. Often, I hate the word “but” because it provides us with the ability to shift the blame onto some invisible imaginary wickedness outside of ourselves no one else can quite seem to see.

“I don’t hate you but …”, “I’m really quite an open minded person but …”, “That country doesn’t deserve being bombed the way it has but…” The list is never ending, in a painful sort of way. A general rule of thumb that I try to live with every time I hear the word “but” is to disregard every single syllable that unfortunately preceded it, which believe me, is extremely difficult because it is often times someone’s best material. Everything tends to go downhill once that foreboding word “but” is included.

As some of you may know, Australia is going through a very democratic BUT questionable rule at the moment that basically puts a muzzle on everyone else who isn’t a politician. It’s a shame I know (not to mention enormously embarrassing) for a country that prides itself on being a crusader for democracy BUT it is a question of national security after all. Well naturally, that should be explanation enough if not for that one measly detail – all those advocates for truth? You know the ones I’m speaking of – the Julian Assange’s and Eric Snowden’s of the World.

If you were truly off your rockers and decided to believe what’s coming out of our current politicians mouths, regardless of the party they belong to (isn’t it creepy when opposing political members get together?) this innovative rule that basically involves everything we say being censored by the government is actually to keep us safe. Come on, when the words “national security” are mentioned, obviously that should be enough for us to take their word for it. Isn’t that what it’s all about, them verses us?

While watching Q & A on Monday night (a program that encourages free thinking) on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation free to air television channel, a politician actually had the gall, (can you believe it), the ludicrous audacity to promote her vicious, down right undemocratic stance against free speech by telling a journalist (of all people) that an anti-freedom of speech law was required because, wait for it, not all journalists are socially responsible. Aha, that makes sense because I can count on one hand the amount of “socially responsible honest” politicians out there. Hang on – can I call a friend for this question please?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly feel very secure with the idea of global politicians being the gatekeepers of truth, not with the human rights records a lot of countries have, the (often leaked) dismal, inhumane and downright “slave inspired” conditions of our detention centres, and well, some of the nincompoops we have (obviously in a drunken stupor) elected to represent us.

I thought evolution meant we were supposed to get better, not the other way round. Am I on a different page, or better yet, book? Aren’t we supposed to be getting more open minded and better at sharing knowledge rather than keeping the dirty (and often not so little) secrets of corrupt politicians under wraps? Hang on, aren’t you, Australian Government supposed to be representing me? I don’t recall ticking the “please silence me unless I agree with you” check box on the ballot paper the last time I voted.

This is not about who gets whose vote, there are more important issues on hand at the moment. This is not about being on anyone’s side, it’s about standing up for what’s right. The journalist on Q&A said it right, the government can try and lock truth seekers up as much as they want BUT for every Assange or Snowden they attempt to get rid of, a hundred more who are willing to stand up for what’s right no matter what the consequences will mushroom towards the surface. Muzzle that.

What if I told you that you could change someone’s life with one click of your finger?

Hello my wonderful, spectacular, beautiful, brilliant, amazingly superb fellow bloggers and readers, I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend!

As some of you may have noticed, I don’t normally blog on the weekends, but I received something yesterday that I have been itching to write about since I viewed it.

It’s the Buy Someone’s Happiness campaign and I honestly believe that this extremely noble cause is enough to get anyone revved into action.

I’ve always maintained that what I love about our species is our ability to feel for each other, to love one another and care for every single human being out there, regardless of creed or race. All we have to do is open our hearts and feel with our souls! Don’t you think it’s great that with the help of technology and popular forms of media now, we can be better informed about what is happening around us, regardless of territorial borders?

I am not personally getting anything out of sharing this with you all. Well, that’s a lie. I’m experiencing that warm, fuzzy feeling you get deep in your gut. You know the kind – the type that swells and surges up into your chest, filling it with pride when you do something completely alien in concept, out of your comfort zone, just for the sake of doing it for no other reason than because it’s the right thing to do. Everyone understands it, but most importantly, you know it.

This concept has been created by Indian Actor Varun Pruthi, and you don’t need to be an Indian to feel this video. You don’t even need to understand the language to get it. You can be male, female, old, young, rich, poor – anything really. There’s just one prerequisite. You need to be human.

When I request you guys to share my stuff (if I do), I only ask to do so if you’re feeling what I write about or say/do. I’m asking you the same today.

Thanks my beautiful peeps and enjoy the rest of your weekend. I don’t know if I say this often enough, but I seriously believe I have the best-est readers out there! Love to everyone!!!

P.S. Please click on the link to watch this video otherwise it may not be counted 🙂

Dear Australians …

What ever happened to the good ol’ Aussie Battler’s motto of giving everyone a fair go?

When did we stop looking in our own backyard before we started pointing the finger?

Why is it that everyone around me wants to talk about the latest celebrity nude picture/sex tape leaks and chooses to overlook discussing the disgusting, vile death of a young boy of 24 who passed away in filthy conditions from an ailment that was easily treatable while residing in what the Australian Government promises us are humane conditions in our detention centres?

When will we start holding the government you and I chose to ransom for the decisions they make on our behalf and do we really want to be known as a first world country that does this to people who choose to come to the lucky country?

It’s easy to sit here and judge everyone else, the Syrians, the Russians, the Afghanis … the rest of the World, but how are we going to answer future Australians about how we let a young person slip into a coma on his way to the hospital from a cut in his leg that turned septic in 2014?

Or will we just bury all of this as far as we can, only to use the words “Well we’re not the ones who did it” in case it is discovered in 100 years or so? Doesn’t this argument sound familiar, reminiscent of our apology as a nation to our very own dwindling indigenous population?

I’m not here to advocate or not advocate for the Boat people, but I am asking all of us to raise our voice for humanity. Raise your voice today and tell the Government that they aren’t speaking for you.