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Why I Hate being an Immigrant (sometimes) …

In your Country of Adoption:

Adopted Country’s Passer-by: “Where are you from?”

Immigrant’s Answer: *sigh – “Country of Origin”.

In your Country of Origin:

Country of Origin’s Passer-by: “Where are you from?”

Immigrant’s Answer: *WTF?! – “Country of Adoption”.

I can only imagine the plight of poor surrogate babies “from” wherever down the line:

Everyone : “Where are you from?”

Surrogate person: “Well, I didn’t come from my mummy’s tummy … and I don’t really look like her … but then, I’m not really sure whose tummy I came from … or if I even look like her. Hang on, where was I again?”

And I think I’m confused.


Where – are – YOU – from?

My dad passed this along to me over the weekend and now I have permanently bookmarked the page on my phone for every single time I’m asked the loaded question!

It’s only been used a couple of hundred times so far 😀

Check out the Help Me Find Parents YouTube channel for this wonderful video by Ken Tanaka & David Neptune 😀 😀 😀

We’re Different & Proud of it!

Apparently loads of immigrants the world over have been having a hard time explaining their differences or what we like to commonly refer to as our “uniqueness” and what originals term as our “whacky inability to fit in syndrome”.

I know, ours is so much catchier 😛

Either that, or the constant clicking on my video link is a subtle warning for impending death threats coming my way.

Phew, thank the good Lord for virtual reality sometimes, death threats are so much less permanent nowadays.