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Video Killed My Identity

Call me old school but video sux!

Seriously, video takes all the juice out of words and spews it out somewhere else, like a place I can’t get to though I desperately want to.

Sorry about the bleak picture but please allow me to provide you with some background as some sort of explanation for my rather strong stance on all things moving images related.

I’ve been busy in the deep, dark depths of video for the past 3 months or so, working on a five part series for my business and boy, am I exhausted! Nothing sucks the life out of someone who would much rather tinker with words as they come to life on paper than video.

I do not kid.

It’s exhausting in a way words never are. Don’t get me wrong, writing is torturously tiring on the best of days but there’s a sliver of exciting rejuvenation that lingers long after you shut down your computer at 3am driving you to push forward the next day so you can get back to your mesmerising characters.

Video for me though is just bleh.

Bleh, bleh, bleh and more bleh.

I’m sure it’s got its loyalists and fans but I was one martyr that will sunk and burned before I ever got the chance to rise – I was literally obliterated.

Unsurprisingly, I ‘m thrilled to be back in my world of words and mayhem – who knew old school was this cool! 🙂

Dear Winter,

You could have just said you weren’t a fan of my writing.

I mean, you didn’t have to inflict your rage on my poor unsuspecting (now curled up crooked) fingers so I couldn’t type.

Please just ask nicely next time before unleashing frostbite on them, I promise to relent and refrain from the act completely.

Dear Boyfriends/Girlfriends of Writers’ …

Please note that no matter what you do, be it a first date, a proposal, an argument, a punch up, anything really, it is always, yes, I mean always, going to play out better in my head.

It’s not you, it’s me. Well more specifically, it’s my wonderfully overactive, imagination enamoured cranium, so don’t take this look of disappointment personally – it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. My condolences by the way.