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Superman Body Builder

If Beyoncé has her alter ego …

So do I. This is my Monday buddie, because I need all the energy I can get to face the week.

This is my exact facial expression all through the day as I type away on my keyboard. No wonder no one bothers me the whole day.

Have a Super week everyone … pun intended 😛

Gandhi & Indian Flag

Be the Change You want to See – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

I tried this the entire day today; I lay on my back looking up at the heavens and saw, in my mind’s eye, that it was Saturday instead of Monday. I was being the change that I wanted to see.

My boss came to me and needless to say, he was not impressed. Turned out he couldn’t see the change I was being.

I think we need a mandate to make quotes come with guidelines and disclaimers attached.

Let’s just have a referendum, it’s not like Australia needs much convincing for one of those, right Turnball?

So, I’ve heard that singing to dogs makes them stop barking which is something I really need at the moment.

No jokes, my neighbour’s dogs are barking so much, I’m actually starting to dream in dog. -_-

But … turns out the philosophy actually makes anyone who decides to give it a try appear to be stark raving bonkers (which I wouldn’t normally care about because you know, just another day in my life) but it doesn’t work either. Wtf?

The barking only intensified (though it was more like a torturous wailing) but I’m not taking it personally. I mean, I’m sure dogs get Mondayitis too and I’m right there with them.

Happy Monday my lovelies 🙂

Dear Monday …

Why can’t you understand that it’s over? We’ve had a clean break so quit following me and coming around over and over again the way you do.

My heart has well and truly been given to Friday and there’s no going back now. Get it?