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Congratulations are in order … for Me that is!

Okay, I don’t want you holding back on the applause, I have achieved a feat I am extremely proud of.

Ready? Drum roll please.

After five and a half weeks I was finally, finally able to sleep on my right ear! Ta-da!!! I know, right? How amazing, what an accomplishment.

Now before you creep away making that “she’s completely bonkers” face, just remember that I got an industrial piercing in my right ear a couple of weeks ago, okay?

I am absolutely positive you are more amazed at my achievement now and if you’re not, what kind of a human being are you?

It’s everyone’s basic right to be able to sleep on their right ear, you don’t know how much you miss something until you can’t have it anymore. This is big. No, this is HUGE. This deserves to be discussed at the next UN meet.

Okay, now you can walk away with that “she’s completely bonkers” face.

I won’t judge.

Why clumsy people shouldn’t get pierced

I had ten piercings before I got an industrial one in my right ear over the weekend so naturally, you could hardly be blamed for thinking that I should know better by now, right?


How the hell anyone with two fresh, brand new holes in their ear would decide to go and get the phone cord intricately wrapped around their newest piercing after being as “experienced” as I am in this department is beyond me. Really.

The excruciating pain experienced is one of those rare circumstances where words will miserably fall short. The term vivisection, a humungous understatement. It was like having The Little Mermaid’s main villain, Ursula’s tentacles wrapped around my ear for an eternity, refusing to relent unless I gave her my soul.

Just take the ear, will you?