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Holding hands in love

I once loved this boy named Geronimo

I once loved this boy whose name was Geronimo.

He reminded me of my ol’ toy I’d cuddle when I felt low.

I loved this boy whose name was Geronimo.

Because he would rarely eff with my flow, you know?

Now I thought I’d live and love my Geronimo for forever.

Turns out I hadn’t learnt yet that forever often became never.

So suddenly flirtatious frivolousness,

transpired into angry unhappiness.

Alas, one day my fury took over,

so I plucked at him like he was a clover.

I threw him off a cliff because he was too slow,

and as he fell, his last words were Geronimo!

Turns out Geronimo was filled with vanity,

but I didn’t care because I still had my sanity.

This is a true story. I swear.

If you want the fake one, here it is.

Poor Geronimo. Well, at least I made him famous.

A Feathered Friend Imparts her Wisdom …

A beautiful bird came and sat on my ledge,
She peered into me and said, “Today, I make a pledge”

She swirled and she twirled flirtatiously,
As if to scream at me voraciously.

Be enthralled by her beauty,
Thrust into oblivion.

Behold this wondrous nature,
this splendid pavilion.

As if to question …
When I exist, how can anyone be poor?
It was only then that I felt my self soar.

Why I don’t do Poetry …

I’d like to apologise in advance to all the AWESOMELY talented poets (such as Mister Norcal, The misterman’s take, Alina Meridon and many more!) involved in this amazing WordPress writing community and to sincerely request that there are no hoards of un-follow’s coming my way as a result. However, this example is to illuminate & educate all those well meaning friends and family who believe that my (questionable) writing talents hold no bounds! :p

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
“Stay away!” Poets pled
This poem is true.

See why I don’t do poetry now? 😀