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Writing Update – WereVamp looks gooood :)

How are you, my lovely peeps?

Just wanted to let you in on something I’m very excited about – my new book cover for WereVamp.

Just looking at it gives me the shivers because I’m now so close I can smell it and no, that’s not Levi’s werewolf senses going crazy 😀

Anyway, let me know what you think, as usual I can’t thank my adorable sister Mayunka more for her (always) epic creativity!

Speak soon …

Shake-Up in my Writing World …

More like an Earthquake actually.

I’ve been very obviously missing in the blogosphere of my own writing lately and it’s not because I haven’t been busy writing, it’s just that most of my time has been spent getting published in a variety of online and print magazines for my company.

So I have been writing.

Just not fiction.

But I’m working on changing that.

So, I’m hoping to get my second book published in my vampire series but I still have loads to do.

Just wanted to let the few of you who are my diehard fans know that I’m still here and I haven’t given up! 🙂

The holidays are so very close (I can almost smell it) and I am tiring, so hopefully I’ll be able to put some rubber to the floor before I go for a break but I’ll keep you posted.

Till then, lots of love and just keep writing, writing, writing, just keep writing!

Yes! I'm good at something!

Apparently I’m good at something …

And no, it’s not making balloon figurines.

It could also just be that I got lucky and I know how to bullshit eloquently. But then I can claim to being wonderful at bullshitting so it’s a win-win really. Don’t you just love those?

Anyway I digress, but then as I look over some of my posts I realise that I’d have no material if I didn’t so thank you short (let’s get real – invisible, non-existent) attention span. I owe you one but I probably won’t remember so it suxs to be you.

Now more to the, albeit useless and inconsequential point, I have been published in an online publication on making it as a savvy female entrepreneur in the online space. I don’t really understand why some of these very cool points (possibly excluding my piece) can’t be used by men but considering my amazing natural ability to put my foot in it, I controlled myself and didn’t ask the question. What? Getting published was hard enough in the first place. I’ll let my Zorro out when I’ve got a little more clout.

Anyway, hope all is well with your writing endeavours. Keep writing, stick with it and try not to pull your hair out in the process. I know it’s difficult but try anyway …