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Gandhi & Indian Flag

Be the Change You want to See – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

I tried this the entire day today; I lay on my back looking up at the heavens and saw, in my mind’s eye, that it was Saturday instead of Monday. I was being the change that I wanted to see.

My boss came to me and needless to say, he was not impressed. Turned out he couldn’t see the change I was being.

I think we need a mandate to make quotes come with guidelines and disclaimers attached.

Let’s just have a referendum, it’s not like Australia needs much convincing for one of those, right Turnball?

Today is the yesterday you will probably romanticise tomorrow as your nostalgic past, so it’s probably best if you romanticise the moment and enjoy it while you do so.

There is no such thing as not meant to be …

Because it’s exactly how it’s meant to be.

Often in hindsight, when I look back on my journey I realise that when something or someone didn’t happen in my life when I really wanted it, it was for the best.

It led me to discover something better and brighter and if not, it gave me the priceless opportunity to learn.

I know it’s easier said than done but patience truly is a virtue even when all you want to do is kick its mother you know what arse to the kerb. But then again, that’s probably just me.

The Difference between Hearing and Listening?

The former normally results in a Bobble-head inspired nodding epidemic. While listening may end the same way, it usually follows some deep contemplation.

I can never really grasp the idea of egomaniacs and arrogance, because no matter how great you are at something, maybe even close to perfect at it, that’s just it. You’re still close to it.

This concept doesn’t deter me or bring me down, in fact, it does the complete opposite! I think it’s beautiful that there’s someone out there who is possibly a little better than me at something I do, or at least someone who is going to grace the planet in the future that will be because to me, there is nothing scarier than being stripped off the opportunity to learn more.

If it’s been done before, I can do it as well, and if not – I can be the first.

What I think (eventually) every single time someone tells me I can’t do something or that it’s unlikely. Though I can’t take credit for this (can’t remember where I heard it), I like facing life with this motto ringing in my head whenever someone tries to bring me down. Have a great Monday everyone 🙂