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Gandhi & Indian Flag

Be the Change You want to See – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

I tried this the entire day today; I lay on my back looking up at the heavens and saw, in my mind’s eye, that it was Saturday instead of Monday. I was being the change that I wanted to see.

My boss came to me and needless to say, he was not impressed. Turned out he couldn’t see the change I was being.

I think we need a mandate to make quotes come with guidelines and disclaimers attached.

Let’s just have a referendum, it’s not like Australia needs much convincing for one of those, right Turnball?

Mayday, Mayday …

And no.

This is not a distress call for my writing though I’m hurt you would think so. In fact, I’m disappointed you haven’t used it for my writing yet. That, I would get.

My sister and I will often spend our time discussing why certain elements exist in life.


Don’t judge us. We’re bored, poor individuals. Stop laughing, it’s cruel.


I once asked a very expert Yahoo Answers panel if the word “mouse” originated from a combination of the words “mouth” and “nose” because whoever discovered the animal couldn’t figure out where its nose ended and mouth began because it was so small.

Turns out it was a stupid question, not that it stopped getting essay type answers to what was fast becoming an extremely mundane, “I’m going to slit my wrists if I ever see a mouse again” topic, but that (like so many other of my posts) is another story.

Which brings me to my point. Thank you for bearing that ridiculous tangent.

Mayunka asked me while we were returning from a nice early morning swim on Saturday about the origins of the Mayday call.

I really exercised my brain (no small feat on the weekend or any day really for me) and decided that the term probably originated when some poor bugger who was lost completed a distress call that went something like this:

Poor, Unsuspecting Victim: “Help, help, I’m lost”.

Drunk/Bored Emergency Representative: “What day is it?”

Poor, Unsuspecting Victim: “What the what?! I’m lost you idiot! And possibly on the brink of starving to death, is this really pertinent?”

Drunk/Bored Emergency Representative: “You bet it is! So now, if you want to be saved, I suggest you tell me”.

Poor, Unsuspecting Victim: whispers under breath “Jackass. I guess it’s a day in May or something”.

Drunk/Bored Emergency Representative: “Did you just say Mayday. Unconvincing and extremely unimaginative but seeing as my bladder’s about to burst, I guess I’ll let it pass”.

Now I really did believe that this was a wonderful explanation, so much so, I was actually prepared to put a wager on it.

Turns out I was wrong and that the actual origins of Mayday is this.

I still think mine’s much better but each to their own I guess. How boring …

Friday Checklist!!!

1 – Refuse to open my eyes until at least after 12 hours of sleep – check

2 – Ample amount of Junk Food to stuff my face with – check

3 – Hazardous Repellent Spray for any “healthy” foods like fruit and vegetables – check

4 – Slippers for frolicking in the sand – check

5 – Sunscreen for getting MORE of a tan at Bondi Beach – check

6 – Hairbrush to rip out the knots as a result of sea slash windswept hair – check

6 – Leaving my brain at home the entire weekend. Following the analysis of my lack of counting skills at numbering this checklist -Yeah baby, yeah! CHECK!!!

Have a spectacular weekend my peeps 🙂

No Money? No Worries!

Whenever I think back to all the great times I have had, I often realise that those memorable experiences involved no monetary funds, or flashy, expensive add-ons. In fact, all my “everything is perfect right now” moments included a combination of those I love, happy, positive thoughts and the time to enjoy the World around me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying that money isn’t important but what I am saying is that it is useless without the “real” raw ingredients to your recipe towards happiness.

Here’s to wishing all of you true glorious happiness! I hope you have your raw ingredients packed up tight to take along with you on this weekend! ❤ ❤ ❤


So I got up this morning saying to myself that there’s nothing for me to write about today, so I’m going to spare my poor readers because I like them and well, I’d love to keep them, but then I thought – how could I forget?

What could possibly be wrong with this questionable cranium I am constantly poking and prodding to prove to myself exists?

Um, hello. It’s Friday and to top it all – we have a long weekend coming up on Monday! So excuse me while I do my groove thing in front of the mirror (around the cracks that appeared of their own accord the last time I got jiggy with it).


Have a great weekend my sexy followers! ❤ ❤ ❤