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For Good to Exist, There Must be Bad …

This really hits home sometimes.

Like when I meet some people I’m really stumped about – specifically on how they exist. Forget the why bit …

Or I put the news on and I see what we do to our fellow human beings to protect the “invisible” borders people we don’t even know or remember put up …

Or when I look at a cheesecake and think about its calories. But whhhhyyyyy …

But then I think about the Nelson Mandela’s, Mahatma Gandhi’s and the Rosa Park’s of the world and I am reminded that nothing worthy comes easy so let the bad be because so many of us will keep fighting the good fight.


Thinking about Writing

I’ve been thinking.

About writing.

Then I thought some more about writing and used it as a viable excuse for procrastinating, ahem, I mean researching. For my writing of course.

Turns out you really can think too much so I decided to write about thinking instead which is why you got this fairly pointless post. I know, what’s new?

Apparently mum was right when she told me to think before I spoke. Or in this case write.

I think I’ll just go back to thinking.

About writing.