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A little piece of Heaven in India

I was lucky enough to visit what is commonly known as the British Capital of India during the time of British rule in my magnificent country.

It’s also often referred to as the Paris of India but to me this would suggest that Paris is the epitome of perfection and beauty which I don’t think is true (though Paris is a stunning city in its own right).

It’s just that this world is full to the brim with breath-taking places and Shimla is one of them for me.

So I like to see this abode in the Himalayan range as one of these beautiful places, where my grandmother was born and where my parents fell in love – where my sister and I became a possibility 🙂

India - Busy Street

Are you from Slumdog Millionaire?



Um, no.

If I have to hear one more “innocent” remark on whether Slumdog Millionaire brings back bitter sweet memories, well let’s just say I cannot be held responsible for any ensuing actions.

It still baffles me why certain “developing nations” are only recalled for certain mundane, overly stereotyped versions of malnutrition, flies (every country has flies people, every country), painfully demonised diseases and generally poor human conditions when we have other stuff to offer, really we do.

When I say Africa, people conjure up skinny children. When I say India, people conjure up Slumdog Millionaire, when I say Middle East, people conjure up terrorism.

On the other side of the coin when I say Australia, people conjure up Blond bombshells on Bondi Beach. I say America, people conjure up glamorous Hollywood. I say England; people conjure up grand historical monuments.

My point? Every country has the good and the bad, it’s easy to forget that Africa has an amazing intricate royal system, India has wonderful examples of people from different parts of the world not just living, but rejoicing in one another (Taj Mahal people, Taj Mahal) and Middle East is breathtakingly beautiful in all its natural wonder.

Oh, and guess what? Poverty sux and it’s not just restricted to the “third world region” but I’m not here to air other people’s dirty laundry in public. So the next time you come to India and choose to take a photo of the beggar outside the Taj Mahal and forget about the amazing monument my country has to offer, just remember others could do the same and take a photo of the homeless dude in front of the Harbour Bridge too. Show the respect you expect please and if you’re having trouble coming up with what India has to offer, check this link out for some inspiration.

Rant officially over.

Thank you.

I’m baaacccckkkk!

Hello my lovely fellow blog enthusiasts!

Hope you are all wonderful and well. I just got back from our amazingly spectacular interstate escapade with my gorgeous sis Mayunka and we had the time of our lives!

20140815_185302We went to see the great night show of the Italian Masterpieces Art Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria which was awe-inspiringly jaw dropping, being the lucky few to have ever witnessed these great masterpieces in the World only made the entire event that more tantalising!

Then we had the shopping adventures that were naturally, a focal point of our whole trip, but by far, the best time we had together was jogging along Melbourne’s famous Yarra River, we definitely looked like locals then :p

20140815_214509Shared some great food at restaurants that were open till 3am the next morning and walked till our feet screamed in agony at being tortured as unfairly as they were. Had some fresh, hot donuts & crepes at one of the many popular street food stalls and generally laughed and frolicked like there was no tomorrow – exactly the way a holiday should be, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, it’s good to be home, as always! Looking forward to reading some of your wonderful posts I have missed over the last couple of days, See you around 🙂

I’m going MIA …

I wanted to entitle this post as MIWIHTBFA (Missing In What I Hope To Be Frigging Awesomeness), but the Anti-Acronym App I have installed on my computer started having a minor breakdown erupting into a potential earthquake, so I had to settle for Missing in Awesomeness instead!

Just to keep you all in the loop, I thought I’d let you all know that I’m going to be away from my computer and the internet till the end of the week (I have already chewed my nails to the cuticles in nervous anxiety).

So you all get a reprieve even though I am going to be missing you guys immensely, promise me you’ll miss me too, okay? Or at least, pretend 😉

I’ll be travelling interstate with my amazing, coolest in the whole wide world, sister, Mayunka and will take heaps of photographs.

I may even consider posting some up here (if they score low on the ugliness barometer and my camera doesn’t explode in its self-destruction a.k.a saving reputation mode).

Most Importantly, to all my Indian friends – Swatantra Diwas ke hardik shubhkamnaiye for the 15/08/2014. Proud to be Indian!

Have heaps of fun and as always, take care!