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Know how to Bullshit …

These were one of the first words our Journalism lecturer uttered to us bright eyed, raring to go Journalism enthusiasts when we joined University.

“A good journalist can bullshit about anything”, he blasted over the microphone in the cavernous lecture hall as we sat there gawking at how someone in a “teacher’s” position could so easily swear in a mock classroom. I know, I know, boy did we have some catching up to do on reality!

Anyway, this story (although pretty pointless as well) has nothing to do with my wild and unrestrained journalism days (let me live the fantasy okay?).

I decided to put this theory to test with my gym instructor after hours of targeted researching on the net over the weekend (basically just bumming around really) on how exercising is really and truly detrimental to my health. Turns out my gym instructor, in addition to being allergic to sanity, happiness, content taste buds and a well rested skeletal structure (just to mention a few) is also highly allergic to apparent, well researched “bullshit”.

Either that, or I’m not as good a journalist as I think -_-

99% Perspiration, 1% Luck …

I always remember this comment I received from a general good Samaritan I came into contact with when I was sending out what can only be termed as an inhumane number of “cold letters” while attempting to secure my first “real job” fresh out of university.

This important Director of sorts from a large conglomerate in Australia had taken some precious time out of his busy work day schedule to send back a “buck up” response to a waning youngster at the end of a hard days work on a Thursday night.

The message was clear, achievement is inevitable for anyone who relentlessly pursues what they want no matter what the road blocks, it’s just going to take a lot of sweaty hard work, an unwillingness to die in the process, skin as thick as leather, as prickly as a porcupine and a will as strong as steel, and well immersed in Kryptonite as well. All in all, Superman is going to be child’s play on some not so good days, which may appear to come around more often than not.

You hear it over and over again – Never Give Up. It’s just good to be reminded of it every now and then. Happy Motivational Monday everyone 🙂

You never EVER stop learning!

This statement never hits harder than when I speak with kids (or hear stories about them).

My mum, who is the Head Teacher of the Early Childhood wing at TAFE/Director of the Early Childhood Centre as well as a Professor in Early Childhood studies at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, told me about a conversation she had with four year old Joel one morning.

Mum: What’s the matter Joel, you look unhappy?

Joel: I am not in a good mood.

Mum: Oh, did you get out from the wrong side of the bed this morning?

Joel: Well that’s a silly question. There’s only one side of my bed so how am I supposed to get out from the wrong side of it? Adequate roll of large blue eyes in obvious disdain for adults incomprehensive and useless queries.

😀 😀 😀