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My Telepathy Endeavours …

So, as it’s the infamous Hump Day today, my mind is (naturally) wandering about 90% of the time.

I thought I’d try my hand at the telepathic prowess we all supposedly harbour with the bird sitting on my ledge. After five minutes of trying to say hello through my supposedly magnificent brain nerves, the parrot came and left a nice “present” on the window pane of my office.

I can either take this as:

1. Mr/Miss (because I’m not promoting gender bias here) heard me and gave me his/her version of a greeting,

2. I need to work on my telepathic skills and his/her present has absolutely nothing to do with me on a personal level …

Hmm, what do you think?

Happy Wednesday my Adorable Sweets …

Apologies for the slight sabbatical, if you’ve even noticed. If you haven’t, please just consider this as another one of those sanity defying posts you have come to expect (or fear – whichever you prefer!) from me.

Turns out smashing your alarm clock into oblivion on a Friday can have devastating effects, like not waking you up for 48 hours. Damn little bugger, sure knows how to hold a grudge, doesn’t it? What’s that all about anyway?

Could someone, anyone please explain how telling me it’s Hump Day on Wednesday is going to make me feel any better about the weekend still being more than 48 hours away?

I mean seriously, how is this explanation supposed to help my predicament?